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Internet - The Movie

Internet - The Movie

In the event that you're not familiar with this specific site, there's a new film out today about the creation of a social... media, I'd like to say, website called facebooked(?) Well, it's the tale of the post dot com bubble busted internet millionaires, and let me tell you, there wasn't many of those.

But any how, this film really made me read into the history of Facebook and wikipedia posted this article which is archived from the Harvard school newspaper. So in a sense, it's pretty cool to see things before they were famous. Seems like this creator, Zuckerberg was just as pompous of an ass when he was broke. You see, I'm trying to figure out how this up and coming director named David Fincher, you may know him from a small indie film called Fight Club, will tackle this comical fact happening..
While Zuckerberg promised that would boast new features by the end of the week, he said that he did not create the website with the intention of generating revenue.
I guess it's only fitting that the one item that seems to create anti-social behavior, even while openly being for social interaction was created under all this assholery.

I have to admit, I never understood the whole relationship status thing. Yes, it's a great way to tell who's single and who you can attempt to hook up with, but it really does bring a new level of complication to the matter.

I mean, how many people are now relying on the whole "facebook official" bullshit to cement the fact that they are in a relationship. Oh and heaven forbid you don't actually put who you're in a relationship with. Then how will people know who's your S.O. in the event that they accidentally hit on them.

The really big one is when the relationship eventually ends. The moment you change your relationship status to single it's a given that you'll have one or two people give you a thumbs up and like that action. What the fuck?! What does that even mean? What does that even say about what they thought your relationship was like? While I'm sure it's not implied to be mean, it does hint towards the fact that maybe your friends thought your S.O. was a bitch/asshole.

Talk about taking sides and really involving the world in your every move and action. The now ex will see that people thought you two weren't a good couple after all with how many people like that. Talk about awkward.

But then I have to wonder if we're not going to far with this whole facebook and movies thing. Catfish came out just recently and I hated that movie. I mean, talk about boring shit! Not to even factor in that there's already a ton of internet things that made the crossover. Shit my dad says and Tosh.0 really just using the internet as a spawning ground for ideas. It's not like this concept is new, look at the others..

Youtube the movie

Oh wait, that's just a parody of Facebook: The Movie. My bad. Do we need one for Twitter: The movie?

Twitter the movie

Okay, it's pretty clear that the idea is spreading around to just about any and everyone possible. Though you shouldn't be surprised. Facebook is a pretty popular website. Last week when Facebook whent down for a short time the world panicked

For a couple of hours you couldn't tell what your friends where doing, unless you had them linked on your twitter. And even then, they were just talking about how facebook was down and they didn't know what was up. Not even Myspace had that much addiction to it... Well, unless you like being bombarded with really shitty bands trying to get you to listen to them.

What can you say, this social media website has made a lasting impression with society. The trailer for the film alone hammers it home with the opening facebook photo montage. It shows how much impact the site has had on the social lives and interactions of young people. While it had a rather creepy voyeuristic edge to it, that was purely unintentional.

It's undeniable that despite the repeated warnings of privacy and security advocates, people continue to use Facebook as if no one by they, and their immediate circle of freinds will have access to the content. By showing the very personal details, photos and comments that people make on Facebook in the montage, the viewer becomes the voyeur and gains an understanding of just how much trust is placed on the people who run Facebook to not sell off all your personal information that is really worth a lot in today's market.

It was a pretty smart move on the trailers behalf to put that in there. It got us to think that we have an invested interest in seeing this story about young, petty and greedy creators of this site we all go on can relate to us in a more human way. It shows us that these people are very human, very flawed folks that have complete access to your life, and they seem completely uninterested in being ethical even to people they're friends with.

Really makes you think.

To be honest, I really didn't believe that this film could be anything more than total shit when I first heard about it being made. But the trailer made me want to go see it.. even if there was already a movie made about the entire internet...

See. Now that was funny.

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