Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The State of Public Education

The State of Public Education

A short and sweet one today. Just to show you the state of our education system today, take a look at the following billboard.

Now what is wrong with that picture? Anyone? Anyone? Why yes, it is a billboard bragging about the schools in South Bend, Indiana without a single sole noticing that it was misspelled.. Not until they took a picture of it and posted it on Facebook.
Responsibility for the spelling error has been claimed by the Blue Waters Group. The company does work for the city of South Bend’s redevelopment commission to promote the city.

“I feel terrible. It’s a mistake we made and we’re guilty of it, and responsible for it. and we take full responsibility for the error,” said Patrick Strickler, president of the Blue Waters Group.

“Four people looked at it, eyeballed it and didn’t see the mistake, and those people all work for me,” Strickler explained. “We take responsibility for it. We simply blew it. We did not see the missing “L.”
Since then the billboard was taken down. Pretty comical over all though. I mean, it's really that bad and it doesn't look like it's getting better any time soon.

I know that signs get mixed up or there's always the possibility of a screw up. I mean, you have a situation in Chicago where the green party candidate's name of Whitney will be Whitey on the electronic voting machines. The worse part of this electoral screw up in a minority area is that his first name is Rich.

Yes.. that's right. On the ballot people have the option of voting for Rich Whitey. Then again, that's all elections in the mind of any minority, right. I guess it's just a matter of screw ups getting lost in the system.

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