Monday, October 11, 2010

Give Peace A Chance..

Give Peace A Chance...

What the fuck? No, I'm not talking about John Lennon. Yeah, so the dude's death had an anniversary two days ago. Besides, we still have his music and it's still being pimped out for the grand sake of capitalism. So what's the problem?

Lots of artist die all the time. That's what people do. With our without a lot of greatest hits or poor choice in girlfriends. Look at Kurt Cobain. Though in his defense, if someone from the future told me that my music was going to be played on Star 98.7FM, I would eat a bullet as well.

What I'm talking about is the Nobel Peace Prize. You see, it was given out the other day and to someone you probably... okay, I'm among American readers so I'm going to say that without certainty, you 100% didn't know who this Chinaman (Dude, that's not the preferred term) was before Norway pulled the name Liu Xiaobo his name out of their hat.

So what did Liu Xiaobo do that was worthy of the Nobel Peace Prize? Well, he's in jail. So I guess that shows that he did something to piss off the Chinese government. Which I guess isn't to hard when you consider how easily they get annoyed.

He got in trouble for signing a petition, one of the things it called for was private property rights. Why wasn't this chuckle head murdered? The People's Republic of China is far too generous with its terrorist. But the prc just gave him 11 years in prison.

I do have to wonder. When it says 11 years in prison, 2 years deprivation of political rights - does that mean he can vote for 9 of the years he's in jail? Because if so, that's pretty funny in comparison to America's policy towards voter rights.

I love how NPR covered this.
"Chinese dissident was chosen for Nobel Peace Prize today. China is reportedly unhappy with the decision."
Gee, thanks NPR. You have offered a new insight I have never thought of before... So basically this guy is criticizing China from the position of capitalist liberalism. He's basically a Chinese Freeper.

I have to say, demanding private property is literally asking for the ability to exploit workers. So fuck your liberal bullshit. Screw anti-authoritarians.. or maybe I just like to take the counter point to the mass message. It does seem like they are all neo-liberal stooges in sheep's clothing.

Liu Xiaobo got the peace prize for being persistent in calling for reforms which would damage the supremacy of the state, and thereby damage the corrupt and abusive form of state-abetted capitalism that runs the Chinese economy.

But I have to question the progress that moving from state control neoliberal private control would help your average Chinese worker. If anything, it would just turn the PRC into Somalia. Good job, little guy. Fight for free elections and freedom of the press! You fight for that second identical political party.

We now have at least three peace prize winners who will be directly responsible for increases in global violence. Great job Nobel committee. Oh yeah, and great job at pissing off China, once again. You've just became a troll to the PRC.

China is pretty pissed at Norway for this. Way to piss off the next super power Norway. Now you wont get any rations when they take over the world. The Chinese government always shout at other governments for calling them out. They yelled at Australia for showing a movie once. While it never comes to anything, you know they have a "shit list" that they just keep updating like a sleeping giant.

Though, China freaking out over this will only keep it in the news longer. Good job China. Didn't you learn anything in your younger days? If people call you a name, just ignore it or get stuck with it for life.

CNN was reporting that China was attempting to black all communication regarding Peace prize winner Liu Xiaobo. Even texting is affected: "Text-messaging on mobile phones is not immune from censor, either. A Shanghai-based netizen, @littlely, tweeted his unfortunate experience: "My SIM card just got de-activated, turning my iPhone to an iPod touch after I texted my dad about Liu Xiaobo winning the Nobel Peace Prize."

Should have though about it for a second before spreading those ideas, bro. Generally talk about civil rights and property are typically just trojan horses for outright full-on American style capitalism.

When you think about it, it's two sides of the same coin. The PRC is authoritarian state capitalism, but not a capitalist state. But I sure as hell think that the solution is not more capitalism.. I mean, look at the position America is in right now. Ha!

The sum up is that this guy's platform is boring boilerplate liberalism and if China had ignored him rather than throwing him in jail, Obama would have won it again for "ending" the war in Iraq. And really, who wouldn't want Obama to go for a back to back on the Nobel Peace Prize?

Oh yeah.. and delete LF. :)