Thursday, October 28, 2010

I Want To Believe

I Want To Believe

I would first like to point out that U.F.O has a definition. It means Unidentified Flying Object. That's all. Why we jump to the conclusion that it's alien life is beyond me. I would personally be more afraid of an Unidentified landing object, all things considered. But that's not what we have here. Take a look at the following clips recorded around the same time in the night and day skies.

In Virginia 10.17.10

In Sydney on 10.17.10

Over Phoenix, Arizona 10.17.10

In Moscow 10.17.10

And another..

And what's with the chemo trial?

In Seattle, Washington 10.19.10

Then Here's a 8 minute HD clip of the New York "balloons" in the sky

Roughly around the 6:30 minute mark you can see 5 objects in the sky. Not just three, so it begs the question on what exactly those things are. Some claim it's balloons. Must of had some pretty long strings connecting them if that was the case.

Not to mention that now we know that when the balloon people land on Earth, we better make sure we have helium at the ready so they can breathe and pass on their vast knowledge to us.

And of course you need the Fox news aftermath of the New York reaction...

Now what I'm suggesting isn't alien life form. While it would be silly to dismiss the probability that aliens exist out in the universe, the chances of them flying to earth and kidnapping farmers and backwoods yolko's seems a bit much.

Even if Fox News has it on camera that Edgar Mitchell, the sixth man to walk on the moon speaking to a group in Washington last week stating;
"It is now time to put away this embargo of truth about the alien presence. I call upon our government to open up...and become a part of this planetary community that is now trying to take our proper role as a space-faring civilization."

I mean, yeah.. if the dude who walked the longest on the moon is asking for "full disclosure" from our president, then maybe there's something to it, right?

But then you realize that an astronaut is no more qualified to talk about alien life form than anyone else, he was trained to walk on the moon, not to critically think about the chances of alien abduction.

While there's no denying that this is advance flight, the most likely answer to it is that it's just the government showing off their new prototype space ship that goes from Earth to the moon in 5 minutes flat.

I mean, to call it a cover up would be a bit much. It is suppose to be a top secret project for the sole reason that you don't want others finding out how you did it. That's just the basics to any technological advancement.

Do they do things that are a bit eyebrow raising? Of course. They did close down 3 airports for a couple of hours under bullshit reasoning. You didn't hear how on October 13th, the FAA closed down 3 New York airports at around 6:45 for about an hour due to a "gas smell"
Were Flights Delayed Due To New York UFO Sightings? Following the reports of UFO over Manhattan, New York City sightings on October 13, 2010, the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) said that nothing had actually appeared on their radar. Later it was learned that a school in the nearby Mt Vernon had released several party balloons in the sky.

This has made many media sources to claim that this might have solved the mystery behind the New York UFOs. However, the media sources covering the 2010 New York UFO sightings have failed to bring up the fact that from 6:45 pm of the October 13, the FAA had closed down its air operations at the three New York airports for about an hour, reports

The FAA on the other hand claims that the flight delays were because of “gas smell” from the FAA radar facility in Westbury. The mysterious gas smell, led to the closing of the radar facility and the evacuation of the radar technicians. This coincides with the time when UFOs were spotted over the Manhattan sky. It is speculated that the UFOs might have impeded with the radar equipment, and if so then the FAA might be covering up the actual facts behind the UFOs over the New York City.
Pretty odd that 3 different airports all happen to smell of gas at the same time. That's some pretty serious Men In Black dealings. And even though there was a recent news piece about UFO's disarming nuke sites, even on a reputable source like CNN, it does seem a bit silly.

But hey, at least our government isn't as bad as the Chinese one. Who would just say a village never existed instead of admitting that their rocket destroyed it..

It wiped out a whole village. State press only said a few dead and a few hundred injured but then independent estimates put the deaths into the thousands or tens of thousands. China is just pretty good at hiding these "Village suddenly wiped out in the back country" incidents.

But if there really is aliens out there visiting us, don't worry. I have Jeff Goldblum's Powerbook at the ready to unleash awesome Mac virus goodness to their systems! WELCOME TO ERF!

I'll leave you with this little piece by Awesome scientist Neil Tyson as he talks about UFO's.

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