Monday, October 18, 2010

"If You Pollute I Will Literally Kill You" - The BBC

"If You Pollute I Will Literally Kill You" - The BBC

It's a pretty strong message, but hey that's what this series of BBC ads would make you believe.

Don't let the insufferable accents get you, watch the whole thing through.

So the notion is you reduce 10% of your toxic lifestyle and you wont have 100% of your blood splattered all over the place. Makes you wonder what impact the cleaning products needed to clean up that mess make on the environment.

By now you would think that the ad was banned. It wasn't. The ad was pulled by the people who published it because some folks found it offensive. Imagine that! But it's not like any of that matters in this modern era where anything and everything shows up on the internet and controversy like this is a form of publicity you can't pay enough for to get the sort of attention you will when something is "Edgy" like this is.

Besides, much like global warming, there's no such thing as bad publicity. Ha! See what I did there? If anything, Climate change isn't happening fast enough and we're not killing enough people to help prevent the global destruction that we are doing daily.

There's a better version that I think is a much nicer solution to ending global warming and environmental chaos...

Yup, that's right. I want to kill everyone. It's a more accurate solution to global warming.

Maybe you're telling yourself that these ads are far too violent. Why would anyone want to spread the message of being kind to the environment or else you will be killed by someone else with a little red button.

If anything, I think maybe we can go even further with the ads. I heard probably the best climate change ad possible.

The ad would start with a young Jewish person being freed from a concentration camp and while they're look upon the U.S. soldiers crying her eyes out, she would say "Why did no one do anything to prevent this"... We cut to 100 years later and a young girl tearfully gazes upon the camera while the atmosphere behind her changes to show a tidal wave heading towards her and the nameless city. Right before the wave hits, you see tears stream down her cheek before they boil away and she winces in pain saying "Why did no one do anything to prevent this?"

At that moment we go to black and hear a loud crashing sound.

Yup.. now that would be an ad. Oh yeah, poor Gillian Anderson. Does a PSA ad and then gets blown up. The truth is still out there, yo.

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