Thursday, October 14, 2010

Walking Dead is Going To Be Awesome

Walking Dead Is Going To Be Awesome

It's just a couple more weeks before the walking dead hits AMC and we all get to enjoy zombie television at its finest.

Maybe you need a reminder in the form of a new ad for the show?

Now doesn't that look awesome? Yes. I believe it does. In an attempt to not have to write much today, let's take a look at the main character. Rick Grimes. Who is Rick Grimes? This British person will tell you..

British?! What? Yes. A British person is playing a Kansas police officer. Yup, that seems a bit strange but it looks like it works.

So who else are we going to focus on? How about Rick's best friend in the world Shane;

So you see, this daily blog was nothing more than a shameless plug for AMC in hopes they send me free things. Watch the Walking Dead on AMC on Halloween. 10pm.

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