Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Taking These Baby Carrots TO YOUR FACE!

Taking These Baby Carrots TO YOUR FACE!

Being in the industry it has become pretty clear how marketing works and most of all, how the industry is nothing more than an excuse to sell you shit. If we lived in a communist society and there was no reason to sell you anything, I'm pretty sure that Television would still be total shit.

Endless supply of content for the simple price of you sitting there being marketed to in ads. Sometimes you don't get cool products to sell like pink ipods for breast cancer awareness month. Some items are tougher sells. Take baby carrots for example.

It's probably something that not even Don Draper could make sexy and it's part of a health food push that we should know by now that doesn't ever work. There's a reason why health food doesn't sell.. because stuffing your face full of chips is clearly a tastier option. But check out what they went with..

I have to say, I find the whole act a bit comical. Yeah, they're going for the going past bad and getting back to goo... okay, let's not take it that far. But they're clearly playing it with a big tongue and check vibe to it.

But maybe they need to target their demographic better. What if they put carrots in a sci-fi futuristic situation? Maybe they'll get the hambeast nerds to get some orange snack in their bellies that aren't cheetos

Yeah, that's too matrix/brazil/not even sure what else is mixed in there. I mean, that was pretty cliche. And yet them announcing how cliche it is, as well as how the ad's brought to you by some yuppie carrot farmers doesn't make it any better. Maybe the fact that they're still collecting their government subsidizes leaves a bad taste in my mouth.. like orange chalkiness.

Oh hey.. what's this....

Now that's pandering right there! If sex can't sell carrots I don't know what can. I guess when it comes down to it, you just have to talk directly to your audience and hope they hear you out... by sounding like them;

Yeah. I'm not sure that's going to sell carrots, let alone anything that can sell itself.. like I don't even want beer after the guy mentioned it.

I think I've seen more tactical uses of advertising of Duncan Hills Coffee on Metalocalypse But hey, that ad wasn't brought to you by some stuffy carrot farmers. I mean, screw them.. Right?

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