Tuesday, October 26, 2010

A Truly Horror Picture Show

A Truly Horror Picture Show

Tonight Glee returns with what will be a very much talked about episode. Even more talked about than the stupid GQ cover that got a lot of media attention recently, is that Glee will be doing a tribute to something that isn't Britney Spears or Madonna. The show will tackle the tough issues of sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania...

I wonder if Schuester will take them all out to eat at Denny's in true fashion.

So I know what you're thinking is the next logical step for this... Well, if Glee is highlighting it, why the fuck not crank out a remake...
We still have to wait an entire week for Glee‘s much-blogged about Rocky Horror Picture Show episode, and considering the buzz surrounding the Gleeks take on the cult classic, it’s not surprising that there is now some interest in pursuing a feature-length remake. Deadline is reporting that Glee co-creator Ryan Murphy has met with Fox 2000 to discuss an updated version of Jim Sharman’s 1975 Frankenstein romp, which originally starred Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon, and Barry Bostwick.

Murphy is known for writing and directing some of Glee‘s flashier, more elaborate episodes (like last season’s "The Power of Madonna" and the recent "Britney/Brittany.") To date, his feature-length directorial credits include Running With Scissors (2006) and this summer’s Eat Pray Love. Both were memoir adaptations, and both received lukewarm response from critics (as well as being targets of my wrath) but Murphy’s musical touch could be the perfect fit for a Rocky Horror reboot.

You know, as if the enduring success of RHPS has Anything to do with the actual movie itself. It's pretty much a given that unless you've seen it at a midnight screening in a theater packed with fellow freaks, you're really losing something in the translation.

Don't give me this bullshit about how "A good film needs to stand on its own merits as a film." Rocky Horror is not a great film. In fact, I doubt there's anyone who enjoys the film by itself outside of the midnight experience. It's a fun film to watch in a group and you'll be singing along with the songs, but it's just not a great film to watch by yourself.

As crisp and clear as the blu-ray is, it doesn't give you that feeling of eating food out of a chick's mouth, humping sex toys, tossing rice and yelling out BITCH every so often. So the idea of remaking this in a more acceptable PG-13 format would miss the whole point of the film.

But what are you going to do? Just say "Welp, it sounds like a shitty idea, but why the hell not?" They're going to have one hell of a time getting this made and don't get me started on replacing Tim Curry. He's pretty much irreplaceable. Maybe casting Eddie Izzard as Frank N. Furter would make a little sense and would make the pill easier to swallow on this whole matter.

I read one really good recommendation as to having John Krasinski play Brad, and well, I'm pretty sure that there's one one person that everyone will agree with on taking the role of Janet.... Damn it!

Yup, You can't go wrong with Eva Amurri. It's literally running in her blood!

Or perhaps the route to go is by getting someone the niche market loves... Joss Whedon, of course. I'm sure he'll have time right after doing The Avengers. Not to mention that two people who already worked for him have some pretty extensive Rocky Horror experience under their belt.

Then you have Giles, played by Anthony Stewart Head who just loves to sing Frankie's songs to just about anyone who is willing to listen to them. Take a look at this video.

Or you could click on this link to see Anthony Stewart Head dressed in drag on stage during VH1's tribute to Rocky Horror. And in that one he lets it all hang out. I mean, the dude REALLY REALLY REALLY Loves to dress in drag and play the role..

But hey, when you're this good and well past the level of some Glee geeks, you're able to take on a role like this without any problems, right?

But getting back to the issue at hand.. It's a 35 year old film where 32 of those years has been spent in constant play at midnight screenings. How do you really go about remaking a film with this much global following and not piss off a few folks?

We'll see after tonight if Glee's take on Rocky Horror generates enough attention to get folks to put on their finest tightest blackest little thing and go to the Nuart or any other small theater that will, per usual, be showing this come Saturday night.

Because they sure as hell wont know the story of Rocky Horror based on the extremely trimmed down version that is in the episode. Just a heads up, studio insight here.. Having Mercedes play Frank n furter just seems like a complete cop out. Though I guess with the Parent Television Council on their ass lately, I guess they have to take it easy and wash it all down.

Oh, and don't think this is by any means a valid method to devirginize yourself, you aren't getting off that easy. You gotta go through the ritual just like anyone else.

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