Sunday, October 31, 2010

Thrill of the Day

Thrill of the Day

As a child I was terrified of Michael Jackson's Thriller. I mean, that shit was scary to little me. It would play on whatever music channel was on and I would run the fuck out the door. Maybe I knew then what folks speculate still now after he's dead.. that Michael Jackson and little boys didn't make a winning combination. Maybe it's what caused my fear and spun my desire to kill any zombie that ever shambled on this green earth.

But it was one of MJ's most memorable music videos. And I guess looking back it now as an adult, it does seem silly that I would grab my younger cousin and run out of the room it was playing in fear that the zombies could come out of the television. But maybe I was just being safe.

These folks on the other hand...

Mother fuckers are tempting fate right there. What are they trying to do? Resurrect Michael? Come on, man. Don't walk that line of necromancy!

More tricks or treats to come..

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