Friday, March 4, 2011

91% of Americans Want To Stay Ignorant

91% of Americans Want To Stay Ignorant

In what can be considered a not-so-surprising poll, it seems that Americans want to stay ignorant. Cause, you know, it is blissful after all.
Only 9 percent of Americans think that WikiLeaks is a good thing. Twenty three percent think that it is destructive but legal and 22 percent think it is treasonous. But despite being prominently in the news for weeks for leaking classified documents from The State Department, and worse, for an organization that depends on notoriety to ply its trade, 42 percent of Americans aren't sure what WikiLeaks is.
I have to admit, I can't say I'm surprised in the slightest. Americans - Dumb as rocks? Why I never thought of that!

I guess I'm a bit more surprised by the other results. 42% of American aren't sure what WikiLeaks is and 23% think that it is destructive but legal and 22% think it is treasonous.

You know, come to think of it, that's not too bad after all. Especially when you look at how this poll was worded. I mean.. seriously, we should fucking destroy this poll.

How can you rationalize anything when the poll forces a person to choose between "Destructive but legal" and "good"

I do still have to look at that whole 22% again and again. I'm not sure how 22% of people can think it's treasonous. Again, 22% of Americans think it's treasonous. I guess there's people out there that don't realize it's not even American. So maybe they just don't know what treasonous means.

You know, the whole notion that the world at large isn't pledging their allegiance to the US government, as to make it a situation where they could possibly be treasonous in some shape or form. Just don't think about it, it'll only cause your head to hurt.

I mean, they really should have included a footnote explaining that treason has a specific meaning that isn't "Bad for America". I hate the federal government, but I'm MAD as hell about TREASON. Treason: It's the reason for the season. Except tax season.

But again, this poll doesn't surprise me. Not even that 20% of anyone thought of something or other. 20% of the population always picks stupid shit in polls. Always! In 2008, 20% of the population thought Bush was a shitty President. I like to imagine that one out of every five people pollsters call picks the stupidest option as an inside joke.

I'd also like to know how many people have called for an embargo on Wikipedia by accident.

It's just funny that the options were "Good, Destructive but legal, Treasonous, and I don't know"? I mean, I don't see how it was any other way. If I was conducting this poll I would have tossed in a comical option like "A kind of north Atlantic cod" but no one picked it because they would feel like the comedy options were played out by that point.

Then again, why the fuck am I even writing about this anymore? WikiLeaks hasn't been a part of the major news cycle in weeks. It got pre-empted by the Super Bowl, The Biggest Loser Finale, Basketball All Star games and civil unrest in [SOME OTHER COUNTRY]

No one cares about WikiLeaks anymore. Let's just wrap it up and say they betrayed their country and be done with it.

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