Monday, March 7, 2011

So David Lynch Died This Weekend

So David Lynch Died This Weekend

Maybe some music is in order...

But you see.. David Lynch is dead. He died this weekend. But before you get Agent Dale Cooper on the case, you probably should realize that it's not who you think..
'Powerful' white supremacist leader shot dead in his home

One of America's most powerful white supremacist leaders has been shot dead in his home, it emerged today.

David Lynch, described as a major figure in America's underground racist movement, was shot along with his 33-year-old pregnant girlfriend in their Sacramento home early Wednesday morning.

It was reported that an 'army' of police bristling with weapons arrested a man at gunpoint outside a petrol station yesterday in connection with the case.

But police today confirmed there were no suspects and no one was being held in connection with the shooting.

The killer is believed to have entered 40-year-old Lynch's Citrus Height house at 4:00 am yesterday, shooting the skin head dead and wounding his girlfriend in the leg.

Police said they found was also found her in the hallway with a gunshot wound to the leg. She was taken to a hospital and was expected to survive. A third adult and a teen who were also inside the home at the time were not injured.

Speaking to CBS news, local gang expert Lieutenant Milo Fitch said the American white supremacist movement would be reeling from the death of one of its most powerful leaders.

He said:'Right now he's one of the most well known and influential figures in the white supremacist movement.

'This is a significant event in the white supremacist world - it will send shock waves.'

Described as a very powerful and charismatic man, Lynch aimed to stop in fighting among the country's disparate supremacist groups and bring them together.
He was associated with two of the nation's most prominent hate-group leaders, William Pierce of the National Alliance of West Virginia and Tom Metzger of White Aryan Resistance.
Now I know, why do we care about this? Mainly because he does share a name with a director and it was a good way to trick you. I bet you thought this would be about some weird movie guy. Sorry to hear you died, man with apropos last name.

Do you think he came from a long line of white supremacists? I mean, that's a pretty distinctive and specific name for his line of work. Maybe he did just change his last name. Yup, once, he was a lyncher; now, he is the lynched. So it goes in life.

It was probably a power struggle within the white supremacist 'community' that did him in. I'm stuck left trying to think of a witty Twin Peaks reference but I'm failing pretty hard here. Maybe we can just leave it to David Lynch's deutschland Empire.

On a funny side note, in my efforts to look up the Twin Peaks theme song for this blog I came across this little golden nugget.

Yes, that's right.. it's a house remix of the twin peaks theme. Now, why would there need to be a house remix to the theme to twin peaks? I mean.. really? It sounds a bit like the main street electrical parade song half way through it. I mean, if you're able to get half way through it.

I guess it makes sense. I mean, you sort of had to be on some sort of drug to truly appreciate Twin Peaks in all its weirdness. Especially during season 2. I mean, what the fuck was with all that shit? So making a house remix of a song that you'd probably listen to while completely blitzed on E at the club is right in its ball park.

Though I still have a specific memory of getting stoned out of my mind and just listening to the original while I sat in a bean bag. Fuck, I'm old.

I bet you're wondering why does California have so many white supremacists. I'm sure all states have their fair share of racists, but a lot of straight up white supremacist, neo-nazi types live in California. A state that is jammed packed with a mixed pot of every culture under the sun.

I guess it's because historically, communities of impoverished whites, an immigration destination for many ethnic groups, and it has a lot of people in the first place would be my guess. But anyhow.. yeah. Here's something from the much alive David Lynch - the Director's Twin Peaks.

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