Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy...

I Read The News Today, Oh Boy...

Well, it's more like I read the news of the past, present and future. In what could be described as an average viewing of Back to the Future, I looked closely at the freeze frame images of what Marty's paper says happen in our past and future. Tell me if you don't find these a little disturbing..

They say some funny things. England's Queen Diana?? Nixon's fifth term?? Reagan runs unopposed!!?

lol "President says she's tired" guess President Palin's gonna quit during the third year of her term again.

Would you look at that, the Cubs sweep series in 5. Man, those Chicago fans will finally be happy about that.

Talk about a really bad news day. I'm glad Marty went back to his past and seduced his mother into hooking up with his dad or else the future.. er, I mean the present, would have really sucked.

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