Sunday, March 13, 2011

The Crotch Grab Felt Around The World

The Crotch Grab Felt Around The World

So this happened at some awards ceremony...

Does this need some sort of explanation? Sure, why the fuck not...
“He did this vice grip on her breast, and I was like, OK, it was funny for like a second. But then it kept going and going and going. And then the lights went down and the clip started rolling and he was still vice-gripping her! I was sitting there with my fork like, ‘If he doesn’t stop, I’m going to stab him with my fork.’”

Rudd didn’t remove his hand, so Dawson went into action.

“I got up there and I stabbed him with my fork,” she says. “He didn’t stop, so I was like, alright, I’m going to grab his package… I was like, I’m really sorry, Paul, I don’t mean to be offensive. But you’re kind of being offensive.”

Dawson kept a hold on the surprised actor until he let go of Mendes.

“I’m a women’s rights activist and I was getting a little tired that he was grabbing her onstage for half an hour. I was kind of getting over it,” Dawson later explained to “Access Hollywood.” “Why do men always get to cop the feel? Women get to cop a feel too! Just keep it equal opportunity.”
Well, I guess it's worthless without a video, now isn't it?

I'd like to take a moment to give formal consent to Rosario Dawson to grab my junk any day of the week. Well, as long as she doesn't do another Frank Miller scripted film. I mean, what the fuck were you thinking, gal?

You fight for woman's rights and yet you allow yourself to be filmed in a Frank Miller scripted film? I mean.. that just comes off as stupid. You do realize Frank Miller can only write one kind of woman. A whore. Be it with a sword or gun or just the ability to be slapped around by some male protagonist. Regardless of how innovative he is, you're going to be wearing something that looks like it belongs in a fetish shop.

So again.. the total opposite of woman's self respecting levels. But back to this little event..

I mean, who doesn't want to grab Paul Rudd's junk? The guy is a pretty strange person in general:

But I have to admit, he's one hell of a cutie.

You know, for the record, if anyone wants to grab my crotch. I'd probably be okay with it. I mean, it's just a crotch.

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