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The House On Haunted Heil

The House On Haunted Heil

So this was hitting the news cycle yesterday...
This unassuming house in a sleepy part of Swansea is set to become a global internet sensation... for bearing a passing resemblance to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler.

Its neat brown door brings to mind the fascist dictator's trademark toothbrush moustache.

And the slanting tiled roof falls at a similar angle to the leader's greased down, parted hairstyle.

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AN UNASSUMING semi-detached house in Swansea has become an internet sensation because it apparently looks like Adolf Hitler.

The house at Port Tennant Road off Swanseas busy Fabian Way has a slanted roof said to be reminiscent of Hitlers distinctive hairline.

And the top of the houses front door tends to remind people of the Nazi dictators trademark toothbrush moustache.

A picture of the khaki coloured house originally taken by a sharp eyed Twitter user named Charli Dickenson has swept through the world wide web.

Youth worker Charli, 22, who lives in St Thomas, Swansea, started the "house that looks like Hitler" craze when she posted a picture she took of the building on Twitter earlier this month.

She explained: "I was driving along Fabian Way with my boyfriend and we got stuck in traffic.

"I looked over and suddenly thought to myself: Oh my God that house looks like Hitler so I took a snap of it.

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Charli Dickenson posted a Twitpic of the property, saying: 'I've found Hitler reincarnated.'

She certainly has a point. It has a sloped roof that looks like the Fuhrer's greased down side parting and a brown door that resembles his moustache.

The picture was subsequently re-tweeted by top comedian Jimmy Carr and the house is now well on the way to becoming a viral hit.

As far as we are aware it's the only house in the world that looks like a despot. However, if you spot any more, please do send in a picture of them.

Perhaps there's a bungalow that looks like Pol Pot or a flat that bears more than a passing resemblance to Idi Amin. Keep your eyes peeled.

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The lintel above the property's slim brown door echoes the toothbrush moustache of the evil dictator.

And the roof slopes at an angle like the fascist leader's greased down hair.

The house — divided into two flats — in Port Tennant, Swansea, South Wales, has become an internet hit after sharp-eyed Charli Dickenson spotted the resemblance and posted photos on her Twitter page.

Youth worker Charli, 22, said: "I walk past the house all the time - but I'd never noticed the Hitler likeness before.

"But then, at the weekend, I was in the car with my boyfriend and we were stuck in traffic - and I just said to him: 'That house looks like Hitler'.

"We both laughed about it. I took a picture and posted it on Twitter.


To be told that a house looks like Hitler is quite a different experience from seeing that it does. It sounds unlikely but, with its sideways sloping roof above a pair of upstairs windows and central front door, one little end-of-terrace house in Swansea looks like no one else. What are we to make of this?

Internet discussion groups have long known of cats that look like Hitler. It seems an all too common feline failing. At the same time, many things look like ducks – some rabbits, according to Wittgenstein, and, more recently, spilt beer, bits of bread, peanuts and houses too. A tiny shift in cosmic quantum resemblance parameters was all it took for houses to move from the duck end of things to the Hitler resemblance cluster. This does not rule out houses that look like more admirable people, even, as with dogs, like their owners. We should be

I don't know about you, but I don't think it looks very much like Hitler. It just looks like a really shitty house to me. But hey, internet sensation, right?

It's a good thing that evil Nazi can still entertain us from beyond the grave.. or his spring guest home in Argentina.

In other news you care even less about than this House bullshit... thousands died today of otherwise curable illnesses. Iraqi citizens are still under a imperialistic force and I'm close to turning 31..

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