Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sheen's Back In The News

Sheen's Back In The News

Yeah, this isn't about Charlie Sheen. I know, why am I not reporting on which latest porn star he's snorting blow off the ass crack of and "winning" or whatever stupid catch phrase he's saying next? I don't know. Maybe cause I like to report on scummier things than Sheen... Like oil spills?

Why yes, it done happened again.....
The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating reports of a potentially massive oil sheen about 20 miles north of the site of last April's Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion.

A helicopter crew and pollution investigators have been dispatched to Main Pass Block 41 in response to two calls to the National Response Center, the federal point of contact for reporting oil and chemical spills, said Paul Barnard, an operations controller for Coast Guard Sector New Orleans.

The first caller, around 11 a.m., described a sheen of about a half-mile long and a half-mile wide, he said.

About two hours later, another caller reported a much larger sheen -- about 100 miles long -- originating in the same area and spreading west to Cocodrie on Terrebonne Bay, Barnard said.

"We haven't been able to verify that, and it would be very unlikely for an individual to be able to observe a 100-mile long sheen," he said, adding inspection teams were en route around 3 p.m. to the site.

Eileen Angelico of the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy, Management, Regulation and Enforcement, which oversees offshore oil and natural gas production, said late Saturday afternoon that her agency was awaiting Coast Guard confirmation of the nature of the sheen. The bureau had not received word from any operators in the gulf of a spill, she said.
Clearly this is just some sort of fluke. I'm certain that this sort of thing won't happen again in our lifetimes. I mean, deepwater drilling is a perfectly safe practice and it's our only source of fuel for the rest of our lives. Clearly it's safe..

Well then, I'm sure that whatever company did it will make it right just like BP did. And if it's actually oil, than this could just be some natural emission from the ocean. It certainly cannot possibly be linked to BP's spill because everyone knows that all that oil was cleaned up.

Besides, I read somewhere that sometimes nature just naturally releases a little oil here and a little oil there - You know, because there's so much of it that it's just aching to burst out of the ocean floor. If anything, this shows that we need far more drilling to be done.

That and we should come to terms with the notion that New Orleans is a doomed city.

But what is with all this creating of fear? This thing is probably just the shadow of some giant fish the size of which we have probably never seen and will more than likely eat cities whole. So stop with the scaremongering with this talk of oil spills, people!

Then again, is this an actual spill? Some like to believe otherwise.
What was reported as a miles-long oil slick in the Gulf of Mexico is likely a plume of silt emanating from a dredging operation on the Mississippi River, a U.S. Coast Guard spokesman said Sunday.

Still, the Coast Guard is testing the substance, which has an associated rainbow sheen similar to that resulting from oil spills, to determine exactly what it is, said spokesman Henry Cambre.
So don't worry guys, it's just some rainbow silt. Let's get back in the water already. Which really makes you wonder, is this a spill or not? What's the spiel on all this spill? They better spill the beans on the real spill deal. Feel me? Just look at what the AP is reporting.. AP:
The Coast Guard says a miles-long patch of discolored goop floating in the Gulf of Mexico appears to be caused by river sediment.

The Coast Guard tested the patch Sunday and found only trace amounts of petroleum that were well below the state of Louisiana's standard for clean water. A news release says The Coast Guard believes the discoloration is the result of sediments brought down the Mississippi River.

The investigation began after reports came in Saturday of what appeared to be an oily sheen.

The Coast Guard also said it was investigating separate reports of an oily substance washing up in Grand Isle and other areas nearby. The substance isn't believed to be from last year's massive BP oil spill, but it's being tested.

Cleanup crews and boom are being deployed.
So.. yeah. It's claimed to be sediment, but they're also might be some oil in it.. and they're treating it like an oil spill.. but it's just sediment guys, okay? Keep your camera crews away and focused on the war Obama just started. Nothing to see here.

If there's anything that was learned from the last huge oil spill, it is to not tell anyone and keep it a big secret while doing the minimum to clean it up because no one on the coasts is actually smart enough or observant enough to notice disgusting black tar on the beaches. Just make sure to keep your camera crews off the beach.

In other news...

Source of 30-mile oil spill in Gulf puzzles officials

Shell is on track to start new deepwater drilling in Gulf of Mexico

Woohoo! Capitalism.

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