Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gun Nutz

Gun Nutz

Like the title says, we got Gun Nuts all up in here. GUN NUTZ

God, I hate America....
These are just 3 of the colors that we have available, we can also get them in red, blue, purple, white, sky blue, orange, yellow, green, and clear.
We also have them in plated chrome or plated gold for an additional cost.

Write us for the prices on the chrome and gold nutz.

We also have them in several sizes, we have 4”, 8”, and 16” MONSTER NUTZ!

For the ladies, nutz are available in pink. Show the guys at the range “Who's Bad” with a
set of pink nutz on your firearm

Enjoy, and spread the word
Someone should do a massive nasty target practice on that set of balls there. Potentially hitting the troop's balls.. or his spine. Whichever, really.

You have to wonder, don't gun barrels get hot and wouldn't a little stupid piece of rubber attached to one melt and make a mess of the tank you're driving? Man, these are poorly thought out.

Man, nothing shows off how much of a man you are than by hanging replica male genitalia on all your phallus substitutes. You just know that guy has got a tiny dick based on where those balls are.

I just wonder which sort of gun you'll use for the above HOT PINK Gun Nutz?


What is America's obsession with guns? I mean, you go down to the shooting range and you'll see morons put a giant scope on their rifle so that they can hunt the most dangerous game around.. paper targets.

In short.. Fuck this shit, Death to America! Or at least our stupid cultural need to hang on to weapons and attach fake balls to them.

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