Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alrighty... Thor!

Alrighty... Thor!

You remember those shitty movies that are made by the whole The Asylum production company? You know the one. They're the people who seem to crank out really shitty versions of the flicks that are hitting theaters. Like they'll release a flick called "Transmorphers" when Transformers went to the movie screens.

Shit like "Snakes on a train" when Snakes on a plane goes to the box office. You get the picture, they like to jump on the bandwagon and cash it. They also do shit like "Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus"

But yeah... It seems like nothing is sacred when they release Almighty Thor

So who does it star? Well, I guesst they have Richard Grieco as Loki

And... I mean, is that the poor poor man's Owen Wilson as Thor?

It looks like Thor didn't have shit to do other than leg presses once he got cast out by Odin and standard on Earth. I mean, what the fuck is he wearing? Great Odin's beard! But speaking of Odin.

Who needs Anthony Hopkins when you've got "Big Sexy" Keavin Nash as the All-Father?

Yeah, this is a complete piece of shit. Fuck you The Asylum. Fuck you hard.

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