Thursday, March 10, 2011

Told You North Korea Was Going to take Over

Told You North Korea Was Going to take Over

You didn't believe me, but sure enough.. here's some video of Salt Lake City getting bombed by our dear leader..

Oh wait, it's only a shill for the new THQ game HOMEFRONT. A game that is set out to show how we're going to get our asses kicked by North Korea in the year 2027.

I have to say, this game is pretty optimistic in thinking that America won't already be owned by China by then.

But yeah, if you haven't noticed, there has been a lot of adverts around your local town showing off the DPRK flags draped over bus stops, buildings and bridges. Though I'm pretty sure your average American doesn't know what the fuck the DPRK flag looks like, I guess it's there to promote the new game.

In this new game the glorious DPRK reunifies Korea, takes over Japan and invades an economically ruined America, which has gone into survivalist mode in the year 2027. Yeah, doesn't seem like it's happening soon, now does it?

Here's the trailer with all the back story you'll need

Unfortunately you can only play as a capitalist oppressor in the single-player version. But you'll be able to play as a North Korean in multiplayer mode. So there's still some hope for the game, am I right folks?

And oddly enough, Japan has removed all references to it being North Korea in the game. In their version it will simply be "A country to the North". And you shouldn't be surprised to know that South Korea has flat out banned the game.

Apparently the scenario was created by the author of Red Dawn. Because he's tired of getting sued by the Chinese and can't think of any other story line besides "Communist bastard takes over America"

I guess the creator of Red Dawn has an intense faith in the superiority of North Korea's economic model and nothing invested in the capitalism of Japan and the U.S. Though it shouldn't surprise you that this man is an Anarchist.

Someone should also think to mention to him that Call of Duty: Black Ops still exist. So his game is pretty much a been there/done that sort of situation. Not to mention that everyone seems to be saying that this is going to be like Red Dawn, but only Operation Flashpoint: Resistance ever caught that feeling. I guess Half-Life 2 in some aspect, but that was way different.

You basically Fight a revolutionary government with supplies from America and conveniently die in a crossfire with Russians and Americans before liberators leave and the US moves in.

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