Friday, March 11, 2011

NPR Gets Pranked

NPR Gets Pranked

For this following story all you really have to do is replace the GAO and all the Inspectors General with young Republicans armed with hidden cameras and stupid gimmicks and accents. Because it's pretty clear that they have more sway over Congress than any legitimate oversight body does.

For you see, a high ranking NPR donation organizer was caught having lunch... with a republican posing as Muslim! I know, it's shocking to believe, but it was all captured on tape!

It's really pretty sad. The dude just does his job of sucking corporate donors cock like a pro and gets offered 5 million dollars, of course he's going to take a meeting with whoever it is. No matter how fucking crazy they may be. And from all that he's just going to get fired.

It's actually pretty funny when you think about it. Funny in that I'm fairly certain that everything he said in that meeting is factually correct. Which makes you really wonder how sane these republicans are who are trying to suggest that this is anything but the reality of things.

Oh wait, I totally forgot that he talked to Muslims, who we all know are evil. The shocking news story here is that an NPR worker calls racist xenophobes 'racist xenophobes.' Yeah, news at 11! Another shocking expose from O'Keefe. I wonder what he'll be doing for his next act.

Maybe he'll record Hillary Clinton suggest or praising Al Jazeera... oh wait, nevermind on that one. But everyone should know, especially an NPR worker, that any good Sharia following Muslim would never eat at a table where wine is served. Haven't you listened to All Things Considered? Sheesh man.

I think that I'm confused as to what he actually did or said that is objectionable to anyone? But maybe it's because no one at the table screamed in horror when someone tells you that they're from a legitimate democratic political party.

I mean, they met with someone from a group connected with THE MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD!! You know, to your average American, that sounds like an organization that would be a weekly villain on G.I. Joe or 24.

Why yes, the Brotherhood of Evil Muslims, led by the fanatical-Muslim supremacist Mohammeto from his base on Asteroid Haram. It's just one of those names that your average American is too stupid to think anything but bad thoughts about.

Not a single god damn thing he said was wrong. And yet you have CBS asks the important question: Should NPR lose its federal funding? and the answer to that is 'Of course it will'. Because our nation is a bunch of morons right now.

I'm at constant battle with myself between being shocked that James O'Keefe keeps getting away with this silly bullshit and taking a dump on the world and surprised that it doesn't happen more often. It's pretty clear that the Democratic Party and the entire leftwing of the system is a spineless worthless representative.

And while NPR is meant to represent the views of all Americans and hearing that its senior leadership is so contemptuous of such a broad swathe of its listeners is a bit troubling, regardless of your political persuasion, NPR rarely, if ever, represent the views of white supremacists or furries. So just realize that tea baggers are pretty much equal to any one of those groups.

So what's in store for the future of this one time NPR money scrounger? Well, let's look at other former NPR workers and where they are now for the answer to that. Juan Williams, for example, is fitting in nicely as the Fox News' house negro...

The only thing that tops anything is the line Hannity says " I don't want to bring Obama into this but......."

Fuck this gay world. Death to America.

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