Sunday, November 1, 2009

Good Bye October.. And With It The Fest!

Good Bye October.. And With It The Fest!

October has come and gone. All Hollow's eve has turned into All Hallows Day. Which is today, by the way. November 1st. The Catholic Church wanted to get rid of that Pagan holiday's popularity by making it all saints day today... thus all Hallow's Day.

But enough about Halloween, it's time to look back at October and lament over the things that didn't happen. I didn't eat my weight in pumpkin milk shakes (which it's not too late to do) and most of all, I didn't do the Oktoberfest drinking. Which I am greatly disappointed in myself about.

I mean, I'm a heavy drinker. Ask anyone who knows me, I clearly have a problem and I missed Alpine Village's Oktoberfest! What the shit is that?!? Though I have heard a lot of problems with this years festivities. From the lack of Angel city brewery to high prices for poor quality food. So perhaps it wasn't much of a loss on that one.

Then there was the first inaugrual Downtown Los Angeles Oktoberfest that was heavily promoted. Though that seemed worse off than Alpine Village as they ran out of steins and of the one thing no Oktoberfest should ever run out of... Booze. Yes, so there wasn't any love loss in missing out on that one. I mean, what kind of Oktoberfest runs out of beer? It was so bad that they were issuing massive amounts of refunds to people who bought the tickets, which ranged from $20-100 for the VIP..

I heard all about the Costa Mesa Oktoberfest, but that one was all sorts of a let down from what I heard as well. The only one that showed actual promise was in Downey, a city that has more Cuban inflation than anything else. Their Oktoberfest ran on a weekend that I had a lot of things planned already and I ended up missing it.

Oh well. So what am I getting at here? I want beer. Lots of it. I also want an excuse to drink. Again, I have a problem. But there really needs a better option for Oktoberfesting in Los Angeles. I shouldn't have to go far to get wasted.

Then again, this is a good excuse for me to go to Germany one year for the massive Oktoberfest they have going on. Why settle for Samual Adams' Oktoberfest when I can get the real thing, right? That's the mentality that goes the distance. It would be nice if L.A. got its collected ass together and had a proper Oktoberfest. But like the old saying goes, if you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. That's why I better start brewing more of my own beer. Make my own Oktoberfest. All I need now is them beer wenches. You know, the type that you've seen tossed around in the blog post. Yup, like them.

Now if only I could get my gal into one of those outfits..

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