Saturday, November 14, 2009

A Very Sunny Christmas

A Very Sunny Christmas

Yes it's only October and I've already have two other Christmas updates. But as we clearly learned, the war on Christmas has already started and there's no turning back now! Just think about it, the next three months will be all about giving. In another week it's giving candy. In another month it's about giving thanks and at the end of December it's all about giving gifts and then giving up the year.

Holy shit, where did 2009 go? We can sit here all we want and wonder where a year went or we could enjoy some high quality entertainment. Better yet, High quality CHRISTMAS entertainment. Forget It's A Wonderful Life, how about you go pick up It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia's Christmas special DVD.

It contains two episodes that haven't seen the television screen and it's all about the festive Holiday. Goes on sale on Tuesday the 20th. Still not convinced? What the hell is wrong with you? Well then, here's this to hopefully peak your interest.

Now with that I'm sure you're going to be running to your local store right now.. no wait, not right now. It comes out Tuesday. On Tuesday and buying it. Yes. You must consume! That is what to be a consumer around this long extended Holiday season.

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