Saturday, November 28, 2009

My God, It's Full of Stars!

My God, It's Full of Stars!

A few days ago I posted about how fallic the space program must be. Well, because of their small penis syndrome, they've launched countless things into orbit. Because of this we have seen some beautiful sights. Since it's the week of thanksgiving, maybe this will give you a little more reason to be thankful.

Some reasons to just contemplate how small we are in this universe. And how many sights we can now see because of science. Because of the sacrifices of a few.. and the brave. From the Pilgrims coming to America and sharing a meal before they took the land to the astronauts that lost their lives transcending to the greater beyond and pushing the space program.

Take a look at these and just wonder how much there is left to explore. How much beauty there can be out there in the universe that people only 50 years ago could not even see. We are indeed the luckiest of them. As I'm sure the next generation after ours and the one after them will also be equally as lucky to see sights we could barely even pretend to imagine how beautiful they will be.

When you're thinking of all the things you have to be thankful for, you should include the very simple one of life itself. From the view point of these pictures and the lack of known life we have discovered, it's even a wonder that we got off the ground as a species.

Will we be the only ones? Doubtful. I'm pretty sure out there in the cosmos of space there is life that we don't know of. Is it intelligent? Who knows. It's just something that we shouldn't take for granted.

And while it is the season to let past transgressions go, you should really consider how little or insignificant that fight is you had with your family. Or how petty the fight with your friend was that had you not speaking.

You should really just sit back and enjoy all that you have. There's far too many who have far too little in this world. And while we are very little, we are the only ones who can help each other.

Just looking at these pictures and realizing how small we are. We should just be thankful for the view point of actually feeling so tall and proud of ourselves. Simply put, you should be thankful and leave it at that.

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