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Everything's Bigger In Texas - Including Shooting Rampages

Everything's Bigger In Texas - Including Shooting Rampages

Well, it's been almost a week now and we're getting more information to the puzzle that is this whole Fort Hood shooting. In all honesty, when I first heard about this my initial thought was, "Soldiers went crazy and shot up the place," but apparently the republican right has so much faith in our troops that one of these proud patriots could never betray his comrades in arms. It clearly had to be some sort of terrorist attack.

Upon first hearing about this, the first shot was accidental then the graduation ceremony was set off like a room full of mouse traps and ping pong balls. I'm sure President Obama will mourn the loss of these soldiers by announcing an increase of 67,000 troops to Afghanistan. Oh, don't worry. Graduation from military academy is pretty much a death sentence anyway. o I guess these folks just avoided the long plane trip, poor desert conditions and bypassed the wait before the surprise attack.

I call military personal a bit slow because people who sign up for the military are mostly undereducated because our education system sucks. Not to mention that you should be pretty fucking stupid to make your first choice you can make as an adult signing four years of your life away at the cost of others and your own life. They are angry and frustrated because our economic system sucks, and they feel marginalized and threatened because our social system sucks as well. They're products of a corrupt society, even if they participate in essentially imperialistic machinery.

Though, I suppose I shouldn't talk too much trash. They're still human beings after all. Just human beings that took up professional murder job for the great dental plan... Maybe they signed up because of the pretty uniform ribbons, I'm sure they completely forgot the two widely-publicized wars of aggression and then tens of thousands of published incidents of gratuitous violence towards Muslim civilians.

With the economic situation in the position it is in, it's only natural that the inner city youth get gobbled up by promises of free college and paid vacations to exotic lands and then are trained to be murderers, come home after their tour is over, and pass on their murdering skills to the new generations of gang bangers in my neighborhood. Thank you, America.

Oh you know me. I don't like hating on troops... ha ha j/k. I like to think that anyone dying is bad but these people made killing other people their occupation. So I'm quite conflicted. Maybe if the dead people were innocent third worlder's, I wouldn't be so apathetic. It may sound cold but the real tragedy here is the inevitable Nickleback song that will be written about this whole event.

This photo doesn't seem ominous enough. Better make it black and white and pizelate it to make him more scary and mysterious.

I know that my edgy words really aren't needed. But I say this for the next potential crazy killer. Killing poor soldiers who likely signed up to escape debt or for college money accomplishes absolutely nothing and you would have been better off attempting to assassinate a politician., though that too would accomplish nothing but at least nobody innocent would have died. It's a little sad that this is the only time Rush Limbaugh will mourn gun deaths in the hood.

You have to give it to our government though. They sure did put a lot of money to his training. 13 dead, 32 wounded. Someone def. hit the range before they did this.. You have to admit, guy taking out 13 in a combat readiness center, that's somewhat ironic. How the hell did he not get shot up? He opened fire with handguns against trained military personnel with guns in freaking Texas! It took the police to take him out? That's some Fargo shit right there. The hired rent-a-cop took him down.

I mean, he went to Virginia Tech, you should have seen it coming, right? Then from there he gets his advanced degree and joins the Army as a PTSD shrink stationed at Walter Reed, gets moved to Fort Hood and listens to dozens more people completely broken by things they saw and did in Iraq and Afghanistan. I mean, he is seriously getting the worse of the worse in terms of stories and he's getting them fresh off the plane. Then he finds out he's going to Iraq to see all this stuff he heard horror stories first-hand? Yeah, I dunno about you, but it seems like it makes perfect sense as to why he snaps and shoots up the place.

We all sat at our desk in front of a television screen, much like we did for Balloon Boy, but this time we were waiting for the why? Why would he do this? Then some of the details started getting released.
Fort Hood shooting suspect, Major Nidal Malik Hasan, wanted out of the Army after being constantly harassed by others in the military and was called a "camel jockey," his family said.

As Hasan was about to be deployed to Iraq, he was suffering from some of the same stresses that he was trained as an Army psychiatrist to treat.

Although the 39-year-old had just been promoted to major in May, his family says he had hired a lawyer to help him get out of the Armed Forces.

"Apparently became very disgruntled in the mission in Iraq and Afghanistan and voiced that to a lot of his colleagues," said Rep. Michael McCaul (R-TX).

He also voiced it to the world in an Internet posting, where he compared suicide bombers to GI's who save their colleagues by throwing themselves on a grenade.

"Just keep in mind mass killers pretty much know they want to die and they tend to take as many people with them as they can in a shooting," said former FBI agent and ABC News consultant Brad Garrett, who also believes Hasan didn't want to survive the Ft. Hood shooting.

"It is one of those things where he went and wanted to kill a lot of people and commit suicide maybe in his own mind that he's saving peoples' lives," said Garrett. "As illogical as that sounds, in his mind, that would be quite logical."

So... another piece to the puzzle was that he shot up people after being harassed for being an Arab. Well then, I guess this is another case where you shouldn't be a bully. Then we get another piece of it in that seems to be a hot button topic that people will gravitate to no matter how much sense the other clear cut signs of trouble already pointed out. You see, there's a caller on the news that said that his daughter told him that she heard the gunman say "Allah Ackbar."

What will happen with this piece of information will be that people will assume and latch on to the idea that he has to be linked to al-Qaeda.As you remember, only a member of al qaeda could possibly yell allahu akhbar.

Oh shit. I should be aware of what I'm typing, the FBI may be paying attention to what I'm saying. I just suggest that you should target personal that aren't soldiers and I'm certainly not supporting ARE troops. Hmm. I wonder if posting this on the internet will preclude my future employment as a mid-level exec at Goldman Sachs. Oh well, see you bros at Gitmo. If you hear a dude cough 3 times during morning prayers; that's me, farting or something so I know an internet reader is in there with me. Together we can make it.....

If only they had died in Iraq like they were supposed to. Then this wouldn't be in the news. 12 American soldiers die every other day in Afghanistan. But you know, Dog bites man and all of the sudden it's a major news story that gets a bigger push than Jon and Kate's latest going on.

After this sort of situation it's just a matter of realizing that life just got a whole lot worse if you have an Arabic name and are in the army. I'm a little surprised that Dick Cheney hasn't come out and said something along the lines of: "We kept America safe from attack for seven years. Obama couldn't even manage one year."

And if you want to talk about awkward. There is a scene in the movie "the men who stare at goats" where a soldier on a bad LSD trip starts shooting up a base, randomly killing nearby soldiers. It is meant to be a comedy. Nothing could be funnier, comrade. I'm a little surprised that people haven't started demanding the movie be pulled from theaters yet. Hopefully not anytime soon, I still need to see it.

This event is really going to nullify all the progress against the death penalty from the Cameron Todd Willingham case. Hahaha, another just kidding. Texas hasn't progressed at all. Ever.

In the end, he was deeply distressed about a number of very concrete things and showed absolutely every possible sign people give for this kind of thing. We shouldn't have to launch an investigation to determine how much of a factor his religion was. I feel bad for the families that were hurt. It's tragic. But maybe we'll learn a lesson in this.

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