Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving... For PSA's

Thanksgiving... For PSA's

This year I'm going to give thanks to Youtube. Without them I would have do with seeing a shitty quality mpg or a slow loading high quality QT movie file when seeing a video clip online.

Take for example domestic violence:

Ah yes, that's the perfect clip for later when you're sitting down with the family and sharing that meal. Mother better not have to be told twice to get that stuffing or to re-heat the yams.. or perhaps she'll have to wear sunglasses and their will be a new meaning as to why it's called Black Friday.

Then we move on to this clip that shows us that there are no accidents

Oh man. I know what I'll be thankful for when I'm biting into that Turkey.. that it wasn't "accidentally" laced with Ecoli. Or that the stove didn't just accidentally blow up. At least it's not an ad for Meth.. er.. I mean, Against trying Meth, just once..

That was a pretty hard hitting PSA against the use of Meth. I suppose just trying it once is pretty damning. This next one isn't really that hardcore. I Suppose it is, sort of. If you think blowing up children with land mines is damning. I don't know why, but I always said "Oh Damn" to this PSA about land mines.

In reality, it does make a pretty valid point. We live in a culture that doesn't value the safety that we really live in considering what others in the world go through. But at least it led to the creation of this masterpiece

Nothing better than a PSA to warn against Xenomorphs. God, that's such a great PSA. And to take this thanksgiving blog out.. let's be thankful and watch this hilarious German Safety video.. which had to been done by Sam Raimi

Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you enjoy jamming food down your throat.

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