Tuesday, November 3, 2009

How Smal Is Your Penis?

How Smal Is Your Penis?

So let's go ahead and ask the big question, How small, exactly, is your penis? The question should be answered by these gents with a simple youtube video;

Thy did it. They finally did it. They built the Canyonero....

Why would you need that sort of driving power? You seriously have to be packing some mighty small penis gear if you need this to carry all your shit around. Imagine the status symbol in all this. The only thing that son-bitch is missing is some truck nutz. Though I'm sure they're already on order.

Fuck the ozone layer, let's get this bitch on the road, am I right? This is more reasons why we should just burn America down. Burn it all down to the ground. From the ashes will arise something... well, something that I would hope would not be like this.

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