Friday, November 6, 2009

Super Wacky Advertisements

Super Wacky Advertisements

This is one of those moments when I'm able to live up to the name of my blog. The following ads are really odd in every way possible. From how painfully honest they are. To how they really are over the top in describing everything but the item they're trying to sell.

So enjoy these very random ads, why don't you.

A Serious Man is the name of a very good film. It's also the best way to describe this mobile home seller;

This is just pretty damn funny;

Cuban Cynecologist and American Autosalesman

Crazy Bruce's Liquor

Oh the wonders of video production. Just think what YOU can do with it?

Ok, that was a bit too depressing, let's liven things up a little

And end it on a racist note!

There you have it. Some really strange ads. Will you be more inclined to buy their products or use their service? Who knows. I just know I laughed my ass off at them.

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