Friday, November 20, 2009

Turtles Forever!

Turtles Forever!

I have a confession to make, growing up I was a huge, and I mean HUGE Ninja Turtles fan. Watched all the episodes, got all the toys, even dressed as Raph (Raphael) for Halloween two years in a row. There was one time I even sneaked in pizza from Costco to a screening of the first Ninja Turtles flick. It was totally cool too!

So consider it a surprise when I wasn't too thrilled for all the new retellings of the Ninja Turtles through the last decade or so. To me, the 80's turtles cartoon was what kept me excited. So colorful and so comical. It was great. To my surprise, they made and will be releasing a sort of Ninja Turtle throw back for the 25th anniversary of the Ninja Turtles being created using all the turtles that have come to exist since then called Turtles Forever that comes out tomorrow.
New trailer for "TMNT" crossover film, "Turtles Forever."

The trailer for the new "TMNT" crossover movie, "Turtles Forever" has finally arrived and it looks fantastic!

Not only do the original animated Turtles appear, but their black and white comic book counterparts do as well.

In addition to the multiple versions of Turtles, "Turtles Forever," also features quite a few characters from the original animated series including Bebop and Rocksteady and even cameos by co-creators Eastman and Laird.

With the recent acquisition of the Ninja Turtles by Nickelodeon it's looking like "Turtles Forever" will be the last installment of "TMNT" the animated series and if the trailer is any indication, the folks over at 4Kids intend on going out with a bang.

"Turtles Forever" airs on Nov. 21st on the CW network, 9-10:30 Central.

The DVD of the film will be released later this year.
Here's the trailer for it:

It's a little strange to describe. It looks as if all the turtles from all the series make some sort of appearance. They even have the black and white ninja turtles from the original comic book. Now that in itself is pretty damn crazy to toss in considering how gritty and violent it was.

Apparently somewhere between the 80's and now the technology to draw curved lines and pupils was lost. I do wonder what Turtle Vision is. It's chilling down there with all the turtle-specific emblems in the bottom right of the image. Maybe Turtle Vision is like 3D but instead of being 3D it just makes everything look like the sewer?

Check out this clip from the upcoming episode with April in it:

Holy shit, April! That's some serious rack. I don't remember April's tits being this big. Maybe it's just my mind messing with me. But seriously? Was April always that busty? It's pretty crazy in that clip

Hmm, perhaps she was well stacked. It's no wonder that I have a thing for red/light brown haired girls. Damn you cartoons for shaping my fetishes! Though the yellow jumpsuit could be left out.

Hmm, I suppose they were. They were so big, in fact, that they made her drive not so good

It looks like they were pretty ridiculous in the videogames as well. A little fun facts for you, I bet you never realized that the Ninja Turtles fought against the Power Rangers Now that was a scary thing. But thinking about it now, maybe I liked the turtles because they made being green an every day thing..

It helps actually being green, of course.

And as much as I'm looking forward to this, and as many good memories I have as a kid growing up with these mutant turtles in a half shell, I still can feel proud that I'm not this person:

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