Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What The Hell, Comic Con!

What The Hell, Comic Con!

It's Wednesday and I usually like to write something comic related. If not for the simple logic that I like to keep my nerd roots well groomed. So today's posting will be a little bit more of a question asked to the comic book industry as all whole.

What the hell is wrong with you? I mean it man. You used to be cool.. Ok, well let's be honest, you used to be.. something. Now you're something else entirely. Something of a sell out.

First up, Comic Con International

If you go to the SDCC website you'll see a counter in the middle that shows you the level on which the tickets for the show are currently selling. I'm utterly shocked on this news. I really am. We're in November and San Diego Comic Con is not until July of next year and the 4 day passes are already at 75% sold out.

Are you fucking serious? I know that the 4 day passes that don't come with the preview night stuff are already sold out. They went a month or two ago. Which, is a mystery as to why the non profit company feels the need to sell out their comic book convention of four day passes a good 9 months before the event.

If anything, it only means that there's a higher demand in the secondary market for people to make money off re-selling passes. Last year the powers that be in the company got uppity about people doing this. Guess what, if you make it so that you can't buy a pass through you, then people will find ways to get their pass. It's that simple.

Comic Con is already a hot ticket item that is a pop culture gathering that everyone wants to go to. You don't have to make it so that it's even more impossible to plan a trip. Those getting their 4 day passes today don't have any idea where they are staying. Hotel bookings don't go up for setting reservations until at least February. Hell, last year it was in the middle of March that the reservation system was open. So that really does leave one to wonder what's the point of selling tickets this early?

Hold it back some. Why go for 2009 money when you know you're going to be getting 2010 money. Is it just better for the tax write up for the non-profit to get the money for it the fiscal year before the event? I just don't get it.

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