Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Fuck This Gay Earth

Fuck This Gay Earth

So you might remember that I was ranting about how Maine had a proposition on the ballot for November to, much like prop 8, make it illegal for Gays to marry? Oh, you don't remember my post on October 6th about how it mirrored Prop 8? Yes, here, let me link you to it. Now that you're caught up to speed, let's put it this way, the people of Maine were the next line of people to say "Fuck you" to other people's basic human rights for happiness.

Now, I'm not gay. I'm in a perfectly happy relationship with a female. But that's because I enjoy boobs, but I can understand and I have been a strong supporter of everyone having the right to be equally miserable in their pursuit of marriage. Today we find out that America is still a socially regressive shit hole. I know, I know. I'll give you a moment to compose yourself and act surprised.

Look at this fucking cunt. FUCK YOU!

The straight man has finally secured a modicum of safety on this gay, gay earth that some homos won't be ruining their marriage. Nope, it's only in their hands to ruin it now. I don't get it. Maine isn't even very religious, I don't know what the excuse is for this. They can't really blame it on the Mexicans and Blacks, like they did when it passed in California either.

What gets me is that Obama hasn't even touched either of these issues. He promised to get rid of Don't Ask/Don't Tell and hasn't done so. He was silent as all hell on both Prop 8 when it was being a major hot issue topic last year, and he fails to even mention Question 1? What the fuck. I would like to think that Obama would actually gave a shit about the gay community.

it's okay, moby... everything will be okay

I suppose I should take some comfort in knowing that it passed by a higher % than it did in California. So that gives us West Coasters some credit for being less terrible folks. Especially when you factor in that Washington state had something on their ballot that gives gay couples pretty much all the same rights, minus the title of marriage. So hey, fuck you East Coast, we can see that even your liberal of areas is just fucked.
Equality Defeated in Maine
Josh Marshall | November 4, 2009, 1:06AM
The anti-marriage equality initiative appears to have won in Maine. Meanwhile, a civil unions initiative has prevailed in Washington state.
I think I'm finally getting it. It seems like the basic idea at work here is that if we make being gay as unattractive as possible, people will stop choosing to be gay. Problem solved, right? Any way you put it, this is pretty fucked up shit that you really don't have any reaction to other than to say fffffffffffff to.

I mean it. I seriously don't have all that many words. At least not too many that Lily Allen hasn't already expressed in song form;

While this was really close.. but not as close to Prop 8, the polls were really showing that it wasn't going to pass. So why the difference between what people say and what people actually voted for? Bradley Effect, yo.
The theory here is that some voters might not tell strangers over the phone their true feelings about gay marriage for the same reason they might not tell strangers on the phone their true feelings about a black candidate: They fear that an honest answer wouldn’t be a socially acceptable answer — that it might even make them look like bigots in the eyes of some.
American society in particular is very uncomfortable with homosexuality, basically ascribing it to something akin to an alternate sexual activity or position instead of something essential to a person's identity and social preferences. Even if you aren't religious, you're tainted by the societal phobia. Truly Maine children are now safe from the gay pandemic being taught in schools. there will be no more homosexuals coming out of the state whatsoever.

This group right here can go to fucking hell. Fuck them too!

Accordingly, Americans are easily persuaded that it's a bad thing for kids to know about homosexuality, just like it's a bad thing for kids to know about oral sex or doggystyle intercourse. But then again, that ad campaign about teaching gay marriage to children as a scare tactic really was a new low.. and by new I mean old 'used for prop 8' low tactic. For some ungodly reason quite a few people seriously believe telling kids about homosexuality will cause their children to be gay.

Perhaps it was also all the nerds in Maine who don't want to feel less lonely knowing that they can share their loneliness with lesbians and gays who won't have anyone in this world to love them in marriage, either. Thank god that those queers can't marry now. It will only make straight marriage all that much more SPECIAL and SACRED, Gotta save your marriage from those faggots after all. Why are you allowed to vote on human rights issues at all anyway? This is utterly the worse thing to possibly have on as a ballot measure.

Seriously, in thinking of marriage, I have no problem in just eloping. Marriage is made into a big stink anyhow and this is how we end up with these sort of situations. People think that the actual act of getting married is the big stink. How about just staying together long enough to see an anniversary.

Stay classy America, never change because you never will.

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