Saturday, September 18, 2010

Catfish : Don't Get Caught In The Hype

Catfish : Don't Get Caught In The Hype

If I may, I would like to take a moment and just say that the hype behind Catfish is at a M. Night level of stupid hype. Just look at the website

Then look at the trailer for this "film"

"Don't let anyone tell you what it is"

"The final 40 minutes of the film [is amazing]"

You know what, fuck this movie. What a boring waste of shit. I have friends and know people who are clamoring to see this because of the marketing, but every single thing abou their campaign should scream out red flag.

The story is about a guy that meets a hottie online, and all her family is online too, so they seem legit. But hey, there's an amazing surprise twist! Oh god, I wonder what it is!?!?!

The girl is actually an older, less appealing girl, pretending to be the girl and the family. Big fucking whoop de fucking do. Considering how the trailer makes it out to seem like something even sinister is going to happen. As if this is found footage or something.

Much like this fish, the film stinks!

You sort of are expecting some really shocking twist. Maybe that she never existed, was a ghost, got kidnapped/murdered or some other horrible thing happens to her or to the protangonist who the documentary follows.

Which, by the way, he really does lose some points in my book. I mean, it gets to the point pretty early on that we realize that the characters aren't real. He finds out about her lie early on and from there it's just a mundane exercise in stretching it out.

When you're presented with the situation, there's really only a couple of ways this film could have ended anyway

A. She ended up being a man
B. She's a much older/younger girl than she said she is.

Even if it was billed as a suspense or a ride, it's just a ticket to an hour and a half of awkwardness. Like, do you really want to see this play out? It's not even like a bad car accident that you have to look upon to see the gore. This is like a fender bender that you just want off the road so you could get on with less traffic.

It's really a shitty Sundance film that someone saw and went "Oh man, we could totally market the shit out of that! It has that Facebook thing that all the kids are crazy about."
Which, by the way, this is the first of what seems like many Facebook centric films that will be out within a few months from each other. What's the deal with that shit?

Just wanted to save you a few bucks so you can go see Machete or Easy A. All depending on what your girlfriend drags you off to.

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