Friday, September 24, 2010

Today's Blog Is Brought To You By The Phrase "Get Over It"

Today's Blog Is Brought To You By The Phrase "Get Over It"

A couple of days ago I came across a Katy Perry video that was a preview for the new Sesame Street season. I tossed it up on Facebook as did another million people and thought nothing really of it. Well, it seems like people were offended by such display of a big chested girl in a dress

A clip of Katy Perry singing "Hot N Cold" with Elmo was leaked online earlier this week and some parents were unhappy with the way the pop star's breasts were on display. The video began racking up views -- to the tune of nearly 1 million -- and some nasty comments along the lines of "they're gonna have to rename it cleavage avenue," TMZ reports. Now, a "Sesame Street" spokesperson has announced that it no longer plans to air Perry's tête-à-tête with Elmo

Are you fucking serious? I mean, really?! REALLY?! I, as well as others, thought that it was a lot cuter and fun than the actual video she was parodying. Not to mention that she's not really that exposed. Her tits aren't as pushed up as they normally seem to be out in public. Not to mention that it seems like that's just her body type. She has big boobs. Get over it. In the event that you want to see what's all the fuss about it, here's the video.

So because mothers complained to company that their child may see some clevage, something they see far more of at the local mall, on TV. Especially when you consider what else they're doing this season on Sesame Street;
With the 41st season of "Sesame Street" set to premiere Sept. 27th, there's a surprising source of inspiration for a segment that will be seen later this season: HBO's "True Blood." Here's an exclusive sneak peek at a puppet-filled parody that draws straight from the diner scene that opened the show in the series premiere.

Yes, that's right. They're doing a parody called True Mud. And people are being outraged by a dress that, by all accounts, their daughter would wear to the ballet and didn't have that "umph" that most of her other dresses do to highlight her chest marvels.

And why are these folks acting like this is by any means a new thing. Sesame Street did a Mad Men parody just last year. They do this so that when you're sitting in front of the television with your kids watching what they are, you wont be completely bored and want to shoot yourself as you would watching children's programing.

What she wore for story time at the local learning annex

Just turn on Teletubbies for ten minutes and try not to go insane. So maybe it's a nice thing that they cater to these kids. Will the kid suddenly get something they weren't suppose to? No! Chances are they wont even know what the fuck it is. They like to see muppets talk

Though I have to say, having parodies of shows that kids would not have heard of don't get any more stranger than when Cookie Monster took on the classic.. Twin Peaks.

In short, Sesame street is all about pleasing the kids as well as adults. So get the fuck over it, cry baby parents who think that their child is being shown breast on television. Don't give me this "our kids get enough portraits of sex elsewhere. This was nothing more than a silly little parody song with more focus on Elmo than on her boobs.

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