Sunday, September 5, 2010

Camping With WiFi

Camping With WiFi

We're about a few weeks away from the official "END OF SUMMER", did you do everything that your summer time quota has allowed you to? Most of all, have you've done that one thing you should do every summer.. that is, go on a camping trip.

Yes, there's nothing better than the great outdoors. The smell of nature in the air, dirt below your feet - a brisk camp fire going to keep you warm while under the great big sky... oh yeah, and that WiFi signal giving your iPhone some internet capacity..

More and more Americans are taking their work and electronic play with them on vacation this summer. And now it's getting even easier to stay connected in some of the most far-flung areas, like the woods. The popularity of wi-fi access in campgrounds is exploding.

Kathy Palmeri, who owns Jellystone Campground near Estes Park, Colo., says getting reliable wi-fi to the area posed some logistical challenges. The campground is perched on a rocky mountainside covered in trees. But she says the investment is worth it. Why? Because her customers expect it.

"Now it's just like having a water line or a telephone or any other basic amenity. You basically need it to do business," Palmeri says
Wait, what? WiFi signal while camping? Yup, that's right. Some camps have WiFi now. Okay, I misspoke, A lot of camp grounds have WiFi now.. Jesus fuck! That's over 50 camp sites that have wifi capabilities. Why I remember when we had to really rough it and we just had a 14,000kb dial modem when we were camping!

And while I realize this news comes a bit late being that it's the last weekend that people consider summer activity worthy, I think it's worth noting since I am in Southern California and we can go camping year round.

I really have to ask why you would need a wireless signal while camping. You're out there to get away from it all. To leave technology and get in touch with your natural and inner self. To rough it. You're sure as fuck not roughing it when you want to download that bittorrent 50 miles away from civilization.

Many of these places can't get a phone signal, but you can make a call on skype. I'm not sure what that really says about our society. Though I guess it does point in the direction that we're more focused on providing an internet super highway at all time.

The story goes on to tell the tale of a family who was getting bored of being outdoors and so they sat down and watched Big Brother streaming on the internet. That is something that I find both annoying, sad and very very pathetic. It makes me weep for the future of humanity.

It was bad enough when the folks camping near to me would blast their radio while out in nature, but to have someone constantly on their smart phone on the internet or skyping would just push me over the edge.

When you're outdoors, rough it. How hard is it to rough it? We've crossed the line into allowing camping to include RV's and other vehicle homes. That's not camping, that's just acting like you're homeless in Venice.

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