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Did You Remember? This Is Going To Be The Best 9/11 Yet!

Did You Remember? This Is Going To Be The Best 9/11 Yet!

It sort of has to be. Look at what's going on in the world. There's a big money swindle in Afghanistan, Massive amounts of daily attacks in flooded, nuclear-armed Pakistan, a ground zero mosque that's getting protested and scheduled Qu'ran burnings that are off again, on again are being protested in Kabul when it was just first announced earlier in the week. Today is also Eid ul-Fitr, which marks the last day of Ramadan.

I should probably warn you ahead of time that I'm hardly tasteful when it comes to this most sacred high holiday of our nation. So if you get offended by me being curious as to if hallmark is selling cards for this annual event yet. You should probably sway away as I do think they really should get on that. It could be a major money maker. "Sorry terrorist killed your daddy. Best regards"

I'm no fun. I always tell people on 9/11 to remember the six digit death count of noncombatants in Afghanistan and Iraq. How could I not be jaded? There's school districts where parents are protesting the school because the board of education didn't go above and beyond the governor's executive order, which calls for half-mast flags and simply suggests a moment of silence.

You hear that? He simply suggested it, he didn't make it mandatory! How dare he not make it mandatory! Doesn't he know that you need to honor the sacrifice of those 3,000 people who died for America's freedom by requiring a minute of silence.

Never mind the fact that a mandatory guideline enforceable by some form of punishment sort of takes away a sense of freedom of what those people were claimed to have died for. Then again, taking away freedoms to retaliate against people who hate our freedom is nothing new.

I guess the question left unanswered is what is everyone doing for 9/11? I'm going to go down to the bar and order a 9/11. How do you make that? Well, you drop two kamikazes in a Manhattan and knock it down.

You have to admit that those terrorist that carried out the attack on 9/11 were either tactically brilliant or extremely lucky in the way they nearly destroyed the head of our military, decapitated our government, and successfully destroyed one of the headquarters of our global economic hegemony all with about 20 dudes and some box cutters.

Perhaps that sounds like I support these terrorist, and it's stupid that I have to say I don't, because who in their fucking right mind would? But you have to admit, historically speaking, they're going to be mentioned alongside the Spartans from 300. And I'm sure that just got me put on some government watch list.

To further dig myself into a hole, I should remind you that if we executed a similar attack with bombers on an enemy of the state, or for that matter an unsuspecting nation, we would consider the 3000 dead to be well within acceptable losses and our public would cheer on the destruction.

If you need examples of this, please see Iraq.

And before you get too sad about all the 3,000 victims of the tragedy you have to think, weren't most of the tenants financial firms who, at the time, were most likely creating the financial bubble that is destroying our economy? Or perhaps that when the tower came down it only left the inexperienced parasites that didn't understand not to kill the host alive to run the ship. You have to wonder what the ratio of capitalists and war mongers to working class in those buildings.

But hey, let's just ignore all the chaos they caused, not to mention that the violence we are causing around the world and let's focus on how much of a violent manuscript those towel head's have for a bible and burn it on this high holy holiday.
A Florida pastor's plan to burn Qurans at his church on Sept. 11 ignited a protest today by hundreds of Afghans, who burned American flags and shouted "Death to America," and the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan said the preacher could be increasing the threat to his troops.

Have people who say stuff like "Have you read the Koran? They are violent!" actually read the bible? The book is filled with violence. One dude got killed for cumming on the floor and not in his dead brother's wife.

God himself drowned the entire world! How much more violent can you get? Oh, I see. It's because the Koran is making a bid and has become a converting religion and is attempting to spread itself? Yeah, Christianity doesn't want to face competition. It's not like they don't have their holy book in every god damn hotel and motel across this country.

I guess we should just see what other books we could burn. Anyone have some suggestions? I personally don't approve of burning books, but I guess there are probably way more copies of Atlas Shrugged in the world than anyone will ever possibly need. Especially with the way our economy is going. Let's also toss in Michael Crichton's State of Fear and as well as Max Barry's Jennifer Government

Then came the BREAKING NEWS that Jones canceled the burning because he met some random Florida Muslim who said that he personally would prefer the mosque moved, and took that as a Islamic promise that it would be and was then outraged that he's been lied to. Because obviously all Muslims are linked by a hive mind like brain. But then the news got a whole lot more entertaining.
However, those behind the cultural centre denied that they ever spoken to the local imam or Mr Jones.

Mr Jones then said Imam Muhammad Musri had "clearly, clearly lied to us".

"Given what we are now hearing, we are forced to rethink our decision," Mr Jones said. "So as of right now, we are not cancelling the event, but we are suspending it."

Mr Musri, from the Islamic Society of Central Florida, said Mr Jones had "stretched his words", and that he had only agreed to fly to New York with Mr Jones on Saturday and speak with the leaders of the Islamic centre project.

Mr Musri said he had told the pastor "that I personally believe the mosque should not be there, and I will do everything in my power to make sure it is moved", but denied ever mentioning any offer to move it.
If the administration had ignored this idiots insane rantings about potentially burning a book that is no more violent than his own holy book, then perhaps people wouldn't have died in the riots protesting the proposed on/off burning. Not to mention the copy cats. Even if mister Jones decides not to do it, you know tons of other right-wing idiots are going to take his place and be the edgy one to burn the Koran.

Did you see the smug look on that asshole's face? You don't need to watch the whole thing, it gets really annoying after the 40th "What's your name" and "Watch your step" as the police lead him out. But there you go, Pastor Jones. Isn't that what you wanted? I should also put some blame on the news medias for making such an epic news piece out of some loser in Florida.

It's as if they'll do anything to make sure to troll anyone who lives in a sand country. People are actually writing "Koran" on pieces of paper, CD's of the downloaded document files of the Koran and burning that. Then there's this very stab at thy heart act..

I'm still amazed that people actually think that bacon and pig's blood is like kryptonite for Muslims. It's pretty hilarious. What next? You going to put slabs of meat and a piece of cheese on a Torah and then spill on it wine handled by a gentile?

There was that news going around that troops were putting pig's blood on their bullets, as if getting shot with something they don't consider clean would hurt anymore than the fact that they just got fucking shot. More than likely for doing nothing but being Hajji.

Besides that, why is it news now that someone is messing with their holy book? It's not like there hasn't been reports going all the way back to 2002 of US soldiers ripping pages out of prisoners' Korans and flushing them down the toilet and no one gave a shit about all that until now. It took you, Terry Jones, and your 30 followers to bring this to the global level.

So then we just got to the bottom of all this. To get the proposed Mosque near* ground zero to move. I'm not sure if threatening to burn their holy book is anymore tasteless than what the right wing news medias do on a daily basis in encouraging the morons of this nation to become even more bigoted towards other religions.

But it's not like Fox or the New York Post are defining a zone of Muslim exclusion by where 9/11 victims' remains were found...

Oh fuck. Well now. touche. Fox news is literally using deaths of innocents as talking points for their political agenda. I'm curious as to how many bodies it takes to make sure you're both fair and balanced. Maybe Fox should be pushing for the center's construction to be on top of the ancient American patriot burial ground so that the inevitable haunting can drive Muslims away forever.

But let's just take a look at how Fox news is trying to spin this shit now....

Oh no! A second right wing biased media format has hit the stupid topic in the form of the New York Post;

wow, what the fuck is this. I find myself wondering where the line that The Onion ends on and Fox News/ NY Post begins. But then you factor that even with this spin in the no spin zone, it's not much of a defense when you think about it. The community center isn't in the remains-cluster on that map, so it should be fine.

We keep this day holy and sacred for some reason. I'm not exactly sure why, either. When you think about it, the terrorist won. Every time you go to the airport and you have to suffer airport security going through your shit, which in the situation of your laptop has been ruled unconstitutional, you should realize that the terrorist won.

That's the way terrorism works and how we let them win. It's not the attack that hurts the most people, given this one did hurt a lot of people and every death is tragic, especially of the FDNY, since they had little communications thanks to congress not giving them funding, but the real tragedy is of the loss of freedoms for the survivors.

When you look at the laundry list of freedoms that our country has lost, you should see every little victory by those who hate our lifestyle. Basically what I'm saying is that when the planes hit and Bush just sat there stupedfied reading ma chèvre de compagnie it was over. the terrorists won and everyone knew it.

I like to believe that Bush would have been a one term useless president without 9/11 happening. And that we would be a totally different country today otherwise. Historians are going to look back and this is going to be one of those 'what if Germany won the war" of the 21st century type of things.

Then again, 9/11 just provided the administration with the excuse to do openly what it had always been planning to do in Afghanistan as well as getting payback on Saddam for dear ol' Daddy.

The government policies that came out of 9/11 still sicken me. We're in two full out wars attempting to reconstruct countries that never even thought about attacking us. It wasn't even preemptive, we just straight up attacked two countries unprovoked.

There's many organizations that recognize these military operations as war crimes. It's only a matter of time before enemies of the U.S., like Syria and Iran, start issuing official statements acknowledging the war crimes committed by the U.S. military and the various security firms it hired against the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Opening up the flood gates for other nations to follow suit.

You have to wonder why we're even in Afghanistan.. Okay, well you don't have to really considering we just found a giant amount of lithium that those "sand people" have been living on. But long before we hit flatscreen pay dirt the Bush administration was all gung-ho and trying to find a reason to go in there for the obvious reason of oil. It's really a tragic tale that more people don't realize it or want to admit to it.

The Bush administration was looking to take advantage of the situation to get a pipeline through from the Caspian for some time before it. In fact, look at this administration memo.
"May 15, 2001
Regarding the placement of the Unocal Pipeline, a US Official delivered this ultimatum to the Taliban (via the Pakistani delegation acting as their interlocutors): "Either you accept our offer of a carpet of gold, or we bury you under a carpet of bombs." (Ref: Jean-Charles Brisard and Guillaume Dasquie in "Forbidden Truth" (31) (Book's Preface online-pdf format (32) )"
found it here
They were already planning on going into Afghanistan long before those towers came down. To add even more fuel to the fire, Karzai was an adviser to the company that was going to do the pipeline. So we were even dealing with that fucker. The bonus for him? His brother runs the drug game in Afghanistan.

If you have a few more moments of silence to spare, I would highly advise reading this TIMES article on how the Bush Administration was way ahead of the terrorist attacks in wanting a reason to go there. So you just have to wonder how many decades of grieving before we get taken to the world's court?

And if you want to pin it on ourselves as an inside job or not, that's your own doing. I may be very opinionated on other subjects, but the topic of if we destroyed the WTC just doesn't cross my mind. Maybe I just can't accept that we could do that. And for the record, it was a tragedy no matter who did it or why.

Be thankful I didn't put in Tribute.wmv

Also, I may be crass with some of the things said or the images posted here, but for my money what I find far more offensive than any number of 9/11 jokes I could tell here is when Politicians pull out the 9/11 card out of their asses to justify anything they want, but then won't approve a health care fund for first responders.

It's really embarrassing.

The fact that we can't get the medical care for those first responders and for all of those people who now suffer lung illnesses because they were shoveling around in the muck and debris of the collapsed towers searching as it went from a rescue mission to one of recovery. So maybe I joke around about this or roll my eyes at the "patriotic" songs simply because if I stopped and took any of that seriously for a second, I would be too ashamed of my fellow man.

So is paying a little respect and decency, even once a year, for thousands of murdered fellow human beings too much to ask for? I say yes, it is. Not to be mean and say get over it, but we should move on. I'm not being edgy or ironic. There is a difference between private grieving and a public holiday designed to pick at old wounds and rile up the masses thirst for Arab blood.

Americans love watching shock and awe on their TV, but when someone does it to us we get whiny about it. The use of 9/11 to portray the US as a victim needs to be done away with and de-legitimized. It needs to be mocked at every opportunity. No one should be able to invoke that day without feeling like a complete hypocrite.

So with that I say God bless you, God bless the United States of America. Good night, good luck.. Never forget, as if you could somehow.

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