Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Finally Iraq Is Free....

Finally Iraq Is Free....

To Censor the Internet.

Yup, that's right. Iraq has so much freedom and is living in a democracy now that they're about to impose controls on Internet content. Which of course sparks the whole freedom of speech debate.

The Iraqi government has decided to crack down on Internet service providers and ban sites that incite violence or carry pornography, officials said Tuesday, a move that has been strongly criticized by freedom of speech advocates as a dangerous first step toward political censorship.

The plan to strengthen government control of content and usage will require Internet cafes — and later the service providers as well — to obtain licenses that are subject to government review and cancellation if compliance requirements are not met.

"All Web sites that glorify terrorism and incite violence and sectarianism, or those that violate social morals with content such as pornography will be banned," communications ministry spokesman Sameer al-Hasoon told The Associated Press by phone Tuesday.

Al-Hasoon refused to divulge further details of the committee's recommendations, but said he expected them to be approved by the Cabinet next week. The next step would be for the government to send the draft legislation to parliament.

Another official said the ministry is planning to license five of the 10 wireless Internet service providers currently operating in Iraq. He refused to say why the five were chosen, but said the tightened restrictions will implemented in coordination with the Interior Ministry's anti-Internet crimes directorate.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity as he was not authorized to make statements to the media.
Why I never! I didn't die face down in the sand for them to censor the internets! Let's invade them again!!!! Wait a second, I didn't die in Iraq. In fact you wouldn't find me anywhere near the war zone. Fuck that shit. But I'm sure we could all comically state that we should turn that place to a glass parking lot.

Clearly the whole point of the war was to give the people of Iraq freedom. Have it be to look at boobies and to click on ads to increase their penis size. How ever will we overcome this act of terrorism. This act of censorship.. We shall overcome with IMPACT FONT!

Though I guess it's pretty funny that the U.S. Criticizes Iraq over Rights Violations. I already lost count on how many times my rights have been violated this year alone. Besides that, the U.S. censors boobs in network television every day. Release the boobies, U.S. Television!

Do we need to get Bill Clinton on that one as well? Cause it seems like he's the only one who is able to restore sanity and get things done. He's a go getter. I'm just surprised that the country isn't a liberal land of democracy by now. We set up a government for them and everything. Didn't they like what we gave them?!?!

The American internet must invade Iraqi cyberspace to protect their internet freedoms. Give me LOLcats or give me death!

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