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Madmen: It Will Shock You How Much This Never Happened

Madmen: It Will Shock You How Much This Never Happened

While a lot of the Summer season shows are coming to a close, tonight marks the beginning of the much anticipated Madmen Season 3. AMC marks this by killing your time if you're bored as you can Madman yourself by going to AMC's Madmen website.

And for those of you who need catching up to prepare yourself for this new season, let me break it down as to where we are.

Peggy Olson grew up, grew a pair, and got an office. Dick Whitman went to California, but Don Draper came home. Pete Campbell couldn't have a baby and threw a turkey off of the balcony. Betty Draper got pregnant, then had sex with Captain Awesome at a bar. Joan Holloway liked having a man's job for a week, but then got demoted, and her fiancee raped her in the office. Roger Sterling left his wife for a secretary. Idiot.

Sal Romano is still gay, and he secretly likes Ken Gosgrove. Harry Crane likes television, so he took it over. Drunk with power (this time) Duck Phillips arranged to have the firm taken over by a British company (and get Don fired in the deal). Too bad he didn't read the fine print.

Welcome back t the Sixties, guys and gals.

So what can we expect from this new season? Let's let the New Yorker fill us in on some tasty tidbits.
The theme of season three is change. “We wanted our key art to be more high-concept,” Schupack explained, unveiling the new poster, which hits this week: Draper is sitting in his office, looking nonchalant, as water rises up to his knees. The image was devised by the Refinery, a Burbank ad agency that beat out three other firms. Schupack flipped through a binder of rejected ideas: Draper at an office party (“too kitschy”), Draper trapped on an ice floe (“too obvious”), Draper getting sucked into a vortex (“too end-of-the-world”).

If you like the art of the time, or hell, just like the style. You should check out the Madmen Illustrated there's some art there that's really amazing and reminds me a lot of Swag.

And if you're a fan of curvy redheads who happen to be married to captain tight pants(nerd reference) then perhaps you should check out Christina Hendricks in her Esquire spread.

Goes to show you that this show has plenty of golden globes already, if you catch my drift. Though to show how life is really something tragic, you should know Christina Hendricks is dating the "I'm freaking out, man" dude from Super troopers who also happens to be the greeting card co-worker buddy in 500 days of summer. Yes, life is confusing that way.

So what makes this show so good? Well, for one thing the feel and look and production values of the show really do shine. As a worker in this field I can tell you that even though AMC is brand new to the series field, they're doing amazing work with this and Breaking Bad.

On a viewer level, the writing for this show is so amazing that I doubt you really understand how subtle this show is in showing character development. Did you pick up on the fact that Don paid off the Bell boy in the elevator to make sure that it wasn't working, forcing the two to go up the stairs and having Roger puke in front of the clients? All this in an act of revenge for hitting on his wife. I think you really have to see this series twice in order to pick up on all the small things like that. Which is a good thing that we have the creation of Netflix and DVDs.

On a personal level I suppose I could relate to Don a great deal. I mean, he ran away from his problems and started a new. I'm sure we've all felt like we've ran from issues and the way he's facing with them coming back is always intriguing. The flash backs as to who exactly Dick Whitman/Don Draper really his. And how he's not a hypocrite about it. The scene where he's sitting in front of Peggy as she had a complete break down and all his advice is "Do it. Do whatever they say," he tells her. "Get out of here and move forward. This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened."

That right there was some powerful television. Even if he's off cheating and you're pissed at him yet again for going around town, you still find that the man has a heart and how well the characters make you feel connected to this time in the 60's.

Of course, if you're one of those who doesn't like to watch Television, you can always read about the real life Don Draper.. Draper Daniel. But for everyone else, make sure to tune in on Sunday as this sounds like it's going to be one amazing season.

And on a final note, for those of you who think that there's not enough chances for women to write... 7 of the 9 writers of this show are women. It teaches you that you don't have to be a man to write for a man of the 60's. If that doesn't show that women are given more of a fair chance to write, then I don't know what would.

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