Friday, August 21, 2009

iGun Control

iGun Control

Now I've been debating getting an iPhone for a while now. The internet in the form of an Apple product, how could I say no to that?! The only downside is that I'm currently stuck with a Verizon contract that I feel like it's bringing me down to new levels.

Some of the apps have been pretty amazing. Listening to KCRW where ever you want is a big bonus but I think I just found the main reason why I want to get an iPhone now.

You mean that felony charge and time I spent in a mental institution wont bar me from carrying a gun permit as long as that gun comes in the form of an electronic device? SOLD! This will make my road rage open the doors to fun and be a new era of how one takes out their frustration. Take a look at the Road Rage in the iPhone era.

This right here is everything that white people fear.. and yet, it's like a tiger with foam teeth and claws. Sure it's scary, but with the iPhone, it made it look safe. No more reasons to fear a black man when all he has is an iPhone to bust a digital cap in your cracker ass.

The virtual gun control debates are bound to come. I know that for sure. Think of it this way. Yes, you can make a pretty (stupid) point by bringing a gun to a President's rally. But that's not doing anything for the system. With the iPhone you're not only showing that you can bring in your big guns, but that you can also stimulate the economy.

It sure beats seeing sights like these morons. The real threat to America.. Whitey.

These guys are sharp as sticks.


The revolution will not be televised.. which is odd cause they say tv is full of morons now.

The best advertisement is the one you do yourself, right?

There seriously is going t be an assassination attempt on Obama. Not because he's a socialist nazi( NAZI-COMMI!), but because he's black.

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