Friday, August 7, 2009

Sandra Lee - Semi Homebaked

Sandra Lee - Semi Homebaked

Once again we have MORE fun with Sandra Lee. Why not? I'm at comic con, anyone who's reading this and isn't at comic con isn't going to care about comic news. Might as well have some more fun with freeze frame images on the ever so drunk Sandra Lee.

"Guess what I'm on!"

"I wish this was real beer"

"Sometimes we ask the video guys to run it through a yellow/reddish filter so that you can't see how strung out I am and how much I've been crying!"

"The liquor rolls off the spoon into the drink..."

"Zoom in and get a shot of this so the folks watching can see"

"Sometimes it's just one of those days"

"What do you mean what's more fake, my hair or my cooking?"

"oh god I can never remember what this shit is for"

"that looks like a teaspoon of rum *WINK* "

If that's not the face of a drunk... I don't know what is.

As you can see, Sandra Lee is a mad drunk. And that's partially why I'm thinking that she's A-okay in my book.

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