Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why So Socialist

Why So Socialist

I've been saying this for a while now, but the word 'socialism' has lost all fucking meaning what-so-ever. The big news these days is a lot of bashing on Obama. It seems that even though the Cars for Clunkers program was successful in getting people to go out and trade in their piece of shit car for 4,000 towards a new car, the fact that it is running out of money (thus actually being used) gets people uppity in thinking that government health care is out of the question.

Then you have the birth certificate debate. I don't want to expand on that too much since I think I have a blog about it coming. But it's utterly stupid for them to complain for a lack of birth certificate or assume that he wasn't born in this country. Let's just say the people who are spear heading that whole movement are beyond stupid.

I would imagine that those who don't recognize his birth certificate wouldn't honor today. You see, it's his 48 birthday... IF ONLY WE KNEW! So what better way to celebrate one's birthday than with a clown.

Wait a second. That's not a typical birthday clown! It seems that these posters are being plastered all over Los Angeles like the Shepard style HOPE poster. I really don't think that Obama haters are this cleaver. It's more than likely a retarded libertarian doing all these and I'm sure he's taking it seriously.

There's some part of me that still holds out hope that this is all part of an acutal socialist making fun of the devaluation of "Socialist" as a pejorative. I can't take it any other way than that. I mean, seriously, did we really all forget what socialism means? the word has lost all meaning in the last few years and has been beaten into the ground by the republican party lately.

Not to mention I wonder how this is even insulting? The funny thing to all this is that I thought the Joker was the "Hero" of The Dark Knight. Everyone loved him. Ledger even got praise for his work on it. Hell, maybe I should be wishing Obama was a socialist because of all this!

Seriously folks, stop trying to be witty. It's just not working out well for you.

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