Monday, August 24, 2009

Venture Brothers Coming Soon

Venture Brothers

GO TEAM VENTURE! is going to be a catch phrase you'll be hearing pretty soon. The fourth season is set to come back as two sets of eight episodes, with the first eight scheduled for November 2009 and the remaining episodes likely airing Summer 2010.

While it's a wait between two month periods of venture brothers, it's still something to look forward to. It's been a good year since last we saw from the Venture compound. So perhaps a little sneak peak at the trailer for Season 4 will tickle your fancy:

The big superhero guy with the white tights and rainbows has got to be Captain Sunshine. He was mentioned in every season so far and it looks like he wants revenge on the Monarch. Careful viewers will remember that in "Return to Spider Skull Island" the incarcerated Monarch instructed 21 and 24 to "send the charred remains of Wonder Boy to his beloved Captain Sunshine!" Looks like those charred remains finally are catching up to the Monarch.

Season 4 looks awesome, the Venture Bros. always seems to go in unexpected directions and I end up loving it, so I for one can't wait.


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