Wednesday, August 5, 2009

One Ugly Mug

One Ugly Mug

They hold our much needed caffeine injection in the morning. They carry our tea and let us dunk our biscuits into the brown goodness within. They shepherd the honey flavored lemsip drinks into our bacteria filled mouths when we're ill. They decorate our kitchens, warm our hands in the winter, provide a cheap last minute father's day gift, and remind us to be great with their inspirational quotes.

Yes, my friends, I am talking about mugs. Namely the the humble ugly ones. Because really, there has never been, in the history of mankind, a good looking mug. You may think that one looks nice but they really don't. They're all very very ugly. But no man can feel secure without knowing his boiling liquid elixir can be delivered to him without scalding him horribly, and the mug confidently eliminates these primal fears. And what do they ask from us for all of this? Nothing. Nada. Zip, zilch, zero. They loyally sit and wait for us to do whatever is our bidding. When they’re washed and returned to our shelves, again, they sit and patiently wait until the next call to arms.

While they are all ugly in their own regard, they do all that work for you and because of this, I don't care how bad they make the rest of the kitchen look, they deserve some respect. Much like Father's day which is just about to fall upon us, we need to pay respect to the one thing that keeps the hot items hot and ready for drinking. We need to show off these things. I call upon you to bare witness to some mugs. It's what the internet was truly invented for. To show off those terrible, shameful mugs for all their glory.

Not so much an ugly mug. I mean it's Audrey. But what sort of pretentious bitch will have this mug? You know they're trouble.

Now this is a nerdy mug. You know you're with a nerd if they're drinking their coffee out of this.

I have this mug and the best part of it is that it's straight out of sound stage 5.. yes, A treasured memory.

Fucking nerds. I tell you.


It really does make you stupid. Classy mug all the way

Now this is a mug I really want to get.

Yup. That's one I could drink some coffee to a nice slice of pie with.

This is a club I don't want to be apart of.


You shouldn't piss someone off with this mug

How does it not melt?

This mug is one that a total tool has. You should get the contents of this mug and splash it in their face.

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