Saturday, August 22, 2009

Driving Under Distraction

Driving Under Distraction

Earlier this year there was a driving law added that stated you couldn't operate a moving vehicle while having your cell phone in your hand to your ear. This was a bold move. We were thinking about the children and making sure the roads were safe of unsafe drivers. Well, at least of unsafe drivers who didn't look like total tools wearing that stupid blue tooth head set shit...

In the last couple of months CNN began covering the growing amount of recognition that has been given to distracted driving by legislators. Now, as a blogger and someone who is addicted to their camera, I do a lot of driving, and I see a lot of people every day driving while distracted, so I have taken it upon myself to document all of the instances of distracted driving that my fellow journalists and I witness every day.

Don't act as if you're above it. We all do it, whether it's a surprise call from a friend, the time you needed to touch-up your makeup, the text response with a smile or some lunch at 60mph, the little things that distract us from driving can present a major danger to everyone on the road.

By remaining conscious of other drivers, we can all do our part to create a more pleasant driving experience for everyone. So let me indulge you in this little experiment that I did on the road capturing the moments in time when drivers were not all aware of their distracted driving:

Look at this idiot; in traffic, talking on his phone, this is the most common form of distracted driving.

Wish this one came out better; guy in a pickup holding a sandwich with both hands as he barreled down the road. Barely had time to get my camera up it was so fast.

On the phone while putting on makeup, this is a more extreme example of what I am talking about. This is the worst distraction. Hot women shouldn't be able to drive. Do you know how hard it is to operate a wheel and two sticks at once?

Who knows what was going through this idiot's mind as he swerved past me.

This speed demon decided that chatting on a cell phone wouldn't stop him from going ten MPH over the limit.

I saw a woman reading a novel while driving on a three-lane highway during rush hour traffic the other day. I couldn't snap a picture because the camera opened up and the batteries dropped out and fell next to my feet. But that didn't stop me from calling the police and reporting them. I sure hope they don't charge me minutes for calling 9-11 on the road like that.

I suppose the answer to all this is to drive a manual, right? I, too believe that reading the manual while driving is safe. I mean, they put that little book in there for a reason, so it must be safe to read while driving. Not to mention that it comes with a lot of safety guides. How much air to put into the tires, where's the emergency blinkers are and so much more!

So be careful out there folks! You never know who's in the next lane snapping pictures of you being distracted!!

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