Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Name The Comic Shop

Name The Comic Shop

Since I have a friend who is not only opening a comic shop, but is also not smart enough to disregard any idea I have as credible or even sane, the task came to me to help create a name for said shop.

As the comic shop has settled on a name, I suppose I can share some helpful insight on what the other potential names for a comic book shop were. The cutting room floor of Comic Shop names. This will show you a glimpse of my little world. On how I think... because really, these daily blogs clearly must not show you how utterly insane and crazy my head already is, right? So here are some of the names of comic shops I put together:

Going out of business

the virgin's lair

The Gilded Neckbeard

die alone..... with a sad die all alone (100 sided)

Mom's Basement

The Not Comic Book Store Emporium

Lee Harvey Oswald Memorial Card & Gaming Depository

On a side note, I always thought that a comic shop wouldn't close down so much if they did something in addition to selling comics. With that in mind I bring you:

Comic and Burrito Castle

Philadelphia Athletic Gaming Emporium


Moutnain Dew Stains & Cheeto Crumbs

Little Dungeon On The Prairie.

The Capes and Dice Shop.

"Mom go home you're embarrassing me"

The Rusty Pirate Comics and Games

I Liked The Comic More Than The Movie.

High Castle Comics and Games

The Barracks

World of Gamecraft

Just some random comic and gaming store.

The Grognard's lair

The Graphic Novel and Strategic Simulation Conservatory

Grognard Place


Colossal Comics

Gestapo Games

World of Wolf Shirts

Worst comic book store ever.

Kind of a Lot o' Comics

We'll fuck you over less than gamestop

Grant and Alan's Great British Postmodernist Deconstruction Mindfuckery Zone and One Stop Comic Shop

Comics & Games: A Comic and Game Store (We sell Comics and Games!)

The Only Game (shop) In Town

Batman's Shameful Secret

The Hobbit's Speakeasy.

Matoya's Cave.

Sans Comic. With proper font.


I'm a Fucking Loser With More Money Than Sense

Space Available Soon!

The Gathering

A sophisticated club for sophisticated gentlemen with sophisticated dice


First Edition


Mostly Harmless

Manga Lloyd's

Tony Stark's House of Ribs


The Joker's Boner

10d12 Problems But a Bitch Ain't One

City Name Comic Store.

Han shopped first!

The Church of Alan Moore

We've Got Issues.

Financially Unviable
-At one time, I was going to start a game store, up until I realized that making money is a plus in any business plan.

"Let's Roll"
-It's Patriotic and relevant to gaming.

D & D Gaming Factory

Comics Code Approved

No Tapout Shirts Allowed

Captain America's Copyright Infringement

Shop 616

Zombie Obama Variant

-5 to Charisma

Rob Liefeld's Bicep and Pouch Emporium

Atomic Comic Collection Connection
-but you have to wear a butterfly henchman costume to work everyday.

(I bet the markup on BDSM props is even better than on imported resin statuettes, and probably a fair amount of overlap in customers as well)

-I suppose the business plan here is to set up a little alarm thing that plays a chime when people walk in through the door instead plays Ogre from Revenge of the Nerds saying "NERDS!"

Though none of those names worked, I believe more than a name itself, I do hope the comic shop windows aren't covered full of paper and other comic book shit like every other comic shop allowing a little light in. You'll actually make it look like something other than a place losers go to avoid sunlight and their parents.

Though I still maintain the idea that it should have a name that makes it look like a porn store. This way it may actually get a lot of accidental traffic from people in the demographic anyway.

In the end, none of these names worked. Which is fine, though I still beg to differ that half of them are utterly awesome. If you open up a shop and name it any one of these, I ask for the payment of one green lantern comic of my choice.

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