Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All I Wanted For Christmas Was War Crimes

All I Wanted For Christmas Was War Crimes

Is pretty much what your kid was asking for when he was hoping for that Blackwater video game to be under that murdered tree you have sitting in your living room. Because if there's nothing more fun, it's pretending your hand is a gun and moving around and getting your cardio while killing those towel heads..

But there's some good to come out of this. While I say never read comments, this one is well worth going against my rules with:
Great looking game guys, can't wait to play as a Blackwater badass on release!

Just two quick questions if you'd please: Where are all the women and children, and why do so many of the people he's shooting have weapons?

Well played, Youtube commentator. You have done very well.

No, seriously. Fuck this game for everything it is worth. What a terrible game and the people playing it are terrible persons for doing so.

i'm reading a review of that game and this is great
If you play with the kinect control scheme, you'll likely feel a bit like tom curise near the start of minority report. You stand facing the screen and you hold out your left or right hand to direct the aiming reticle. If you want to fire on an enemy, you let the onscreen reticle hover over for a moment, triggering a burst of gunfire. It's all too easy to fire on a nonthreatening target by accident as you swing your weapon around toward a primary target (helpfully highlighted in red so that you know it's a threat). The result: wasting ammo on civilians, and having to pause and reload while still being fired upon by enemies positioned above you or to the side.

Sorry, Blackwater, gonna have to take some dings off your score because it's too easy to murder civilians.

That phrase just kills me. "Wasting ammo on civilians." Man, talk about no trigger discipline and dying of stupidly. I guess this makes it the most realistic war game ever.

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