Saturday, December 17, 2011

For God And Country: An Illustrated Account of American War Porn

For God And Country: An Illustrated Account of American War Porn

I'm pretty sure that later in the month you'll hear endless amounts about how this was the year. How we finally got him. Oh, you remember the guy. Osama? Yeah, that guy. Well remember how we ended up finding him and a skilled group of armed force went in and instead of capturing him to face a jury for his crimes, he was killed in cold blood?

Yeah, well apparently Matt Fraction made a comic book about it AND YOU CAN SEE IT BY CLICKING THIS LINK---

The commentary in the panels that pops up when you mouse over it is utterly insane. They tell the story about how all this came about. This little nugget just stood out
In the end I wanted to see OBL face the ultimate sanction. Fifteen minutes trapped in the room where he knew he was going to die. Fuck it. Maybe one day I'll be more evolved.
I guess I should at least give Matt Fraction a tiny bit of credit for admitting that he's being a sub-human cretin for making this shit. But over all I'm just going to go with "Fuck everyone involved in the creation of this thing" as my stance for this.

Not because I in any way remotely close to agree with the terrorist. But because the sad fact is that this sort of thing exist as nothing more than a celebration of what happened that pisses me off as making me feel pretty disgusted to be an American. Aren't we better than this? I mean, isn't this something that we should all consider below us?

The info in the panel sickens me to a level. Shit like "The women here could have both be wired". That made me lose it. Are you fucking serious? Are you really going to go with that story? There's no way anyone can believe that shit and it shouldn't even be tossed out there like that.

Not to mention what was in the comments, that it's nice for Osama Bin Laden to keep himself looking exactly as he did from that one photo taken in 1991. Which is very true. Either way, Matt Fraction, your last comic arc of Fear Itself was a complete waste of my Marvel reading time. Fuck this guy.

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