Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Great Muppet Caper

The Great Muppet Caper

So.. apparently Fox News said a crazy thing about the Muppets. Yes, the Muppets. While I collect a pay check from the Rupert company, I will say that this is just... well, I have no words to express how not-surprised I should actually be about all this.


Now pick up your jaw on how bad they've got to be grasping at straws to actually allow this to pass as content on Fox News. Then again, that news story that Fox News viewers are, on average, dumber and less informed than those who watch no news makes a little more sense now.

You know, I wish the Muppets really were anti-capitalist radicals. It would be a much better thing to my life than realizing that what the Muppets represent is nothing more than cashing in on nostalgia working that money machine.

All I have to say about this is that even the two elderly muppets, Statler and Waldorf, who you would think represents the 1% sitting up their on the balcony wouldn't be as evil as your average fox viewers. In fact, I think they would say something like this:
these kids say they're right-wing

they're reaching for even half-right


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