Tuesday, December 13, 2011



So some crazy stuff has been going down in Russia the last few weeks. First off, their elections have sparked some intense situations.
Results showed that Putin's party reached a low in the region of Yaroslavl, taking just 29% of the vote. It got a boost, however, in Chechnya, which is ruled by ruthless leader Ramzan Kadyrov. With nearly 100% of voters turning out, United Russia took 99.48% of the vote, results showed. It also took more than 90% in neighbouring Dagestan.

The New Region newspaper noted that "the record in central Russia was brought by patients of psychiatric clinics, who gave more than 90% of votes to United Russia".

Russians continued to register cases of falsification through the night and into Monday. News reports on state-run television appeared to show results that implied turnout in some regions was as high as 146%.


And Monday night Moscow time, the protests against election fraud swelled in size to as high as 10,000+ according to some reports I’ve read, overwhelmingly young students and post-Communist Russians in their 20′s and 30′s. Watching this video, shot near the Kremlin, makes it clear that a tipping point has been reached in Moscow: Discontent over living under oligarchical rule is spilling into the open. It’s no longer enough to be “better off than under Yeltsin”–Russia’s youth wants more democracy, more people power, and more justice. The idea is spreading in Moscow, and this has got to make Putin and the Kremlin nervous:

Then we have an official at a polling station filling out ballots:

And then there's the whole situation of washable pens fitted in polling booths:

Well, good for Russia! They seem to have taken very well to democracy. I sincerely hope they get somewhere with this.

The city of St. Petersburg recently passed a law that banned lesbian gay bi-sexual transgenders pride parade because they were homosexual propaganda that could be viewed by minors. Russia is the single most depressing industrialized country that exists and even thinking about it makes the world seem more devoid of color.

I sure hope that by 2100 the saying becomes "Stalinism was the worst form of government, except all others we tried."

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