Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Random Thoughts That Will Get Me Sent Away

Every now and then I like to just spew out a random assortment of shit. I mean, more so than I normally do every other day of the week. These are like little shotgun blast. Sending out a random assortment of thoughts without actually hitting the targets or getting to thorough with the subject matter.

The odds and ends, if you will.


Did you know, that according to official FBI recruitment material, “all new special agents must visit the US Holocaust Memorial Museum to see firsthand what can happen when law enforcement fails to protect individuals.”

Why yes. The Holocaust: A Failure Of Law Enforcement.

I seriously wanted to write more about that but I couldn't stop laughing at the very notion of that. Why yes, let's waste a day of our police state workers time by making them watch other police states doing what they're gonna to do. If anything, the Holocaust was a product of law enforcement not questioning commands and doing what they were told without every stopping to think.... should I be doing this?


I have to say, looking at my wallet is pretty depressing. Not because of the little amount of money I have in there, but the actual look of said little amount saved up. Some would say that all money that isn't American money looks like a neon or pastel joke with clowns on it with bad 90's comic book holographic foil on it.

To that I answer that American money looks like filthy tissue paper with murderers and slave owners on it. But I suppose it's only fitting to keep the tradition of all respectable imperial currency to highlight such oppressors forever more.

Tom Clancy.. an asshole

So the new rainbow six game is coming out. While I am planning on doing a huge piece on this later one, I figured it's worth noting that Tom Clancy is a huge asshole and his product line is nothing more than reactionary scare mongering at its worse. And insulting at its best.

Just take a look at the following clip of NOT the game play, but at the very least the outline of the story to this otherwise certainly shitty game:

I wonder if the 99% is getting any sort of royalty for being featured as the comically bad villain of this game. Why yes, the masses who want, nay, demand justice for the crimes of corporations should be painted as the bad guy extremist. Fuck man, that is just bad all around and I want to beat someone for it.

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