Saturday, December 3, 2011

Polyamory People And Stupidity

Polyamory People And Stupidity

I'm going to reach back in my mind and just come out and say it, you polyamorious folks are fucking morons. Okay, maybe not FUCKIN' morons. But the whole fact is this - You want to eat your cake and have it too.

That shit is not going to work. You just can't do it. Not unless you're with a completely self-hating person who just doesn't give a shit about who you're with. And really, do you want to be with someone who is going to allow that anyway?

What I find is that most of the articles I've read about this subject seem to be all about justifying selfish infidelity for the purpose of sexual gratification through some sort of loop-hole in the relationship you've established and in the end it's all a bit of justification for selfishness.

It makes me wonder how many of these people really want to be in a polyamorous relationship or if they are just being goaded on by their partners whom they don't want to disappoint. Though I guess the same could be said about lots of things partners put up with for one another's companionship.

It's just that the thought of dividing those emotions and love between more than one person seems unimaginable to me. So it makes me think that such a situation can only be rooted in some sort of selfish need for sexual satiation from others. Which probably is true for the most of the polyagamous relationships anyway, but then, why if that isn't true for everyone and what if all members of a group choose to do this simply because that's the way they want to live.

For most people it's just a situation where they want to cuddle with someone, especially now that the weather is getting colder. I know I just want to cuddle and be close with someone I love and snuggle up in a warm bed near the fireplace with them while reading Marx books while laying under our dear Stalin portrait hanging overhead.

And at this point, I may be willing to settle with a Mao reader.

Maybe I just shouldn't care. In fact, I really don't. To each their own, really. Just as long as they respect their partner's expectations and wishes in terms of what the relationship's agreements are. I mean, until the patriarchy is smashed, polyamory will remain a mostly sexist endeavor.

Then you get into the situation where you can't even find one girlfriend, how the fuck are you suppose to hoodwink and start a poly-whatever relationship with them? I guess it rally does boil down to this place is like communism. Polyamorous folks are just your typical theater crowd.

Though from experience, open relationships just don't work.

For me, I perfer monogamy. It makes things simple and keeps everyone on the understanding of what was the standards and guidelines to the relationship. Besides, fidelity is loyalty and that is pretty important in a relationship.

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