Friday, December 23, 2011

The Cost Per Pour - A Discussion About How Much Booze Cost

The Cost Per Pour - A Discussion About How Much Booze Cost

It's the holiday season and if there's one thing that happens more than anything else, it's alcohol is consumed. And consumed in great amounts. So perhaps it should be worth noting the actual cost per pour.

Let's take a look by comparing alcohol to other beverages.

The price of beer (per 12 ounce serving):
Cheap crappy macro: 50 cents per serving
$10 6-pack: $1.65 per serving
$10 bomber: $~5 per serving

Sure does get pricey, doesn't it? And I'm not even going to jump into the world of rare and highly sought after beers that get released around this time of year. Now compare that to the following every day drinks:

Milk: ~30 cents per serving
Soda: ~75 cents per serving
Tropicana Orange Juice: ~$1.20 pre serving
Starbucks Coffee: ~1.50 per serving
Red Bull: ~2.75 per serving
House Wine @ Olive Garden : ~$6 per serving

*Prices may not be completely accurate since your mileage will vary when buying them at the store.

So when your cheap crappy beer option cost as much as a cup of milk and less than a can of soda and your expensive $10 6-pack cost about the same as a cup of orange juice or coffee, I guess you really can't complain about that, right?

But what about the other alcoholic liquids that we consume during the Holiday? It's probably worth noting how much that bottle of wine breaks down per serving. How about that whiskey or aged bourbon?

$10 bottle of wine (750ml) = $2.00 per 5oz serving
$30 bottle of wine (750ml) = $6.00 per 5oz serving
$150 bottle of champagne (750ml) = $30.00 per 5oz serving

$15 bottle of vodka (750ml) = $0.74 per 1.25oz serving
$50 bottle of single malt scotch whiskey = $2.46 per 1.25oz serving
$200 bottle of PVW = about $10 per 1.25oz serving
$2000 bottle of Louis XIII = about $100 per 1.25 oz serving

Gotta say, it's all relative and whether you are drinking some beer or throwing back that wine, it's all still a luxury that you have the option to drink or not drink. No one is making you buy it and by all means, you should be careful about the amount you drink as police check points and DUI patrols are in full scale alert. Many people who don't normally drink often don't realize how quickly they can get intoxicated with that spiked eggnog.

So perhaps what I'm saying is that you should be aware of how much you're drinking and just realize that you can spread this love out all throughout the year.

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