Friday, October 5, 2012

Cooking Under Economic Hardship Part 5

Cooking Under Economic Hardship Part 5

If you're still hungry and not in the proper mindset of really cooking for yourself under these tough times - but first, let's go on to the psychology of eating poor.

If this is your first experience being a Poor, well... welcome to you. However, you are probably going to experience some push back in your brain. Eating as a poor is a lot like going on a crash diet for the first time - If you restrict yourself too much, eventually you're going to snap and find yourself in a KFC drive through spending two weeks worth of grocery money and you won't remember how you got there.

Allow yourself a couple food luxuries, it really help keep you on budget and does a world of good for your mental health. My luxury is a real butter. $2.50 for 4 sticks vs a $1 jumbo tub of generic margarine doesn't seem like a deal, but it tastes so much better and you end up using less overall.

Second off, learn how to fucking bake. Sugar makes your brain feel good and you're going to crave it sooner rather than later. You can make a couple dozen tasty cookies for the amount of money you'd spend on a pack of Keebler's crap - even less! If you discover you enjoy baking, you can also save a ton of money on holiday gifts by spending a day in the kitchen and making some crazy brownies or whatever.

Making cooking and eating a communal thing, you probably don't have the cash to go out to eat with friends at this point, so perhaps you should invite them over, have people bring a dish or ingredient and everyone can hang out and smoke you up while you make dinner.

You can also buy a 12 packs of soda on EBT and then dump them out and take the cans back for enough to get you a 40oz of Steel Reserve. Ration the Steel Reserve so it will last a month - Problem.fuckin.solved.

But again, stick to real butter. I know plenty who survived on 2 meals of generic plain pasta and margarine a day, who would give their left nut and sold an organ for some real butter.

Remember - REAL.BUTTER!

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